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Getting Started, 41 years later .... ;-)

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First train was a Jouef from back in the day of them being Irish made.

Over 41 years (mostly in the last 20, these were acquiredIMG_6990.jpg.6ff31ea6e86f8d5f7a4d04dcae1442e7.jpg

damn hornby for reissuing their APT.

20 years of hoping for one and a ferocious and expensive bidding war on Ebay about 10 years ago.



More pointless bidding wars on Ebay for old LIMA 201s 🙂



My DCC-DC-DCC system




the grand plan to carve out Kinspan insulation boards to create a multilevel layout, despite all the advice everywhere not to use Insulation board.

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a test layout of the 14ft x 4 ft planIMG_6985.jpg.e612f77b85f284997cb91eae49f2194a.jpg

The ultimate master plan, sort of modelled on Noch's Heidleberg




The idea in this 14ft x 4 ft is to have two main levels, the inner 1st and 2nd radius on the higher level

The outer2 tracks at the lower level for 2nd and 3rd radius

The carving of the landscape to have hills and troughs is to make it interesting.


Should just take another 20 years




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