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I see a Dark Stranger.

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Old Blarney

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Yes, I'd seen that before. The opening scene is indeed of an 800 arriving with what appears to be the up day mail from Cork, judging by the train makeup.

The carriage our heroine is in contains the standard black and green floral upholstery used by the GSWR (rather than the GSR!), and obviously its a GSWR coach - or is it?

The coach number seen on the inside of the door as they're getting out is not of a type that corresponds with that type of interior, so may be a set-up in a studio. The exterior of the REAL coach they get out of retains its GSR maroon livery, but without lining. Either this has worn off - the crest is tatty looking, so this is possible; or it didn't have lining and is thus secondary stock.

Later in the film, an LMS carriage is seen in some random English location, and later again an Isle of Man Manx Electric "toastrack" tram.

Fascination views of mid 1940s trams and buses in O'Connell Street near "The Pillar" too.

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