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Pocket Planet London to Feature Ireland

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Seen this on RMWEB , a MWL in London without the Currywurst and German beer. Site cost 14 Million so lets hope they have a few pound left for some Murphy models stuff to run on it.

The Biurb below says to Feature Ireland too.

The giant layouts planned for the attraction include:

  • A 300sqm layout of the UK and Ireland
  • An 18-metre long London
  • A giant USA inspired layout
  • An impressive ski resort
  • The world’s largest miniature airport


There will also be a number of dioramas depicting various eras of British History, from the Battle of Hastings to the Swinging Sixties. Other smaller layouts and dioramas will also pepper the location.


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Theresa in the field of Corn too and maybe a Faller Maggie doing a U turn.

My love of London has diminished somewhat, just not the place I knew in the 80/90's. Much more interesting things in Europe now that I regret not getting to see in my youth

Also London does not have this Hamburg Attraction, Astra and Currywurst.  Still waiting on a 100 bottle Delivery from Germany, lovely tack.




You probably missing this layout in the Musuem Gauge 1 too.



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