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DIGITAL MEETING TONIGHT - IRRS LONDON - "Locomotives of the GS&WR" by Michael McMahon

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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can be whisked from your fireside to London to hear our esteemed speaker, who just happens to be in County Louth!

Details follow. You don't have to be a member of the IRRS to participate.

Dear Member or Friend



-       donations to the IRRS (London Area)

-       tomorrow’s meeting

-       copyright

-       Zoom access codes

-       joining the meeting

For anyone unfamiliar with Zoom, I attach two documents :

-       Zoom download explains how to download Zoom to your device

-       Zoom advice is advice on how to use Zoom during a meeting





Our online meetings are free of charge but we offer you the opportunity to make a voluntary end-of-season donation to support the IRRS (London Area).

We are delighted to thank over 70 of you have already contributed.

Individual Areas of the IRRS require to be self-funding and while the Parent Body is currently covering the direct costs of our online meetings, the London Area still needs to raise funds to cover inter alia the day-to-day running of the Area, our publicity, publishing Irish railway books, and safeguarding, referencing and digitising significant Irish railway collections given to us.

Most other funding sources are currently denied to us due to Covid so if you have enjoyed our season of online meetings and would like to support our other activities,

please do so by clicking on


This will be a voluntary donation. We would suggest £3/meeting but the exact sum is at your discretion.  Payment is by GooglePay, credit or debit card.

Please note that Square accepts payments in sterling only and as the IRRS is a Limited Liability Company, donations are not eligible for UK Gift Aid. Payments can be made from credit cards based in other currencies subject to the usual charges made by many card companies and banks for foreign transaction handling and currency conversion.

Thank you if you can donate





(ONLINE via ZOOM) 19.00 Thursday 22 Apr 2021

Last meeting of the season

“Locomotives of the Great Southern & Western Railway” by Michael McMahon

Michael McMahon, co-author of the recently published eponymous book, recounts the complex motive power story of the GSWR throughout the company’s existence from 1844 – 1924. This historic subject has never been comprehensively researched before and Michael and the team took 10 years to do it. Michael therefore covers, in depth, a huge part of early locomotive development in Ireland, mirroring the expansion and needs of GSWR operations. He unravels the convoluted loco numbering system and explains the construction, rebuilding and renewal of

the large fleet (325 at the end) as it evolved over 80 years.

A huge amount of new information is revealed.

If you heard Michael’s similar talk to the RPSI in March, it will be well worthwhile listening in again. Michael has rewritten his talk and will be explaining much more context than was possible at the RPSI. Inter alia, he will be explaining the formation, growth and demise of the GS&WR, the key importance and influence of Inchicore (and its CME’s) within the whole locomotive industry of both Ireland and Great Britain, the GS&WR’s evolving strategy for developing its steam fleet and integrating locos acquired through acquisition of other companies, plus some interesting considerations of locomotive tenders. And, in my experience, it is always worth hearing a talk twice so that you can pick up on detail that you may not have absorbed or remembered first time round.





Please note that all images in this presentation are subject to copyright

and you are requested not to copy or record any part of it.

Doing so could lead to an infringement of Copyright Law.

The Society has, in the past, taken action to protect copyright.





To access the meeting, click on this link :


or open the Zoom app on your device and enter :

Meeting ID: 816 4174 8140
Passcode: 173879

Alternatively, you can join the meeting by telephone (audio only, no images) by dialling in on one of the following numbers and keying in the Meeting ID and Passcode when requested :


        +44 330 088 5830
        +44 131 460 1196
        +44 203 481 5237
        +44 203 481 5240
        +44 203 901 7895
        +44 208 080 6591
        +44 208 080 6592


Republic of Ireland


+353 6 163 9031 
+353 1 240 8941 
+353 1 536 9320 
+353 1 653 3895 
+353 1 653 3897 
+353 1 653 3898 

In any other country, you can find a local dial-in number from :


Please note that if you dial-in, you will incur a normal call charge for the duration of the call.





Joining - You can join the meeting any time from 18.30 onwards. On joining, you will be presented with images of Irish railways or other relevant information which will continue repeating until 19.00.

Muting and Webcams - Your microphone and webcam will be turned off (by us) when you join. Do not unmute or open your webcam until instructed.

Displaying your name in Zoom - Please display a recognisable name so that others know you are there.

Zoom failure - If there is a software failure (not unknown) either before or during the meeting, I will e-mail everyone on our London Area e-mail list with an update – so keep an eye on your Inbox if the meeting does not start or fails part way through.

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Thanks for putting up the link,

I watched the 2nd part but was Mentally exhausted today after some bright spark decided to ship 20 tons of Cheese in 2 trucks from the UK to Rosslare without any paperwork. Amazing when the UK lorry driver could not bring a sandwich into Holland some weeks back so not sure how the chaps arranging this one  were gonna get this one into Ireland

I see it was recorded so will watch when suitably refreshed


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