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  1. Hi folks, Well, since the cat is out of the bag in one of the magazines, we've decided to bring the first Accurascale announcement forward to, err, now! Our first model for the British market will be the 24.5-ton coal hopper wagon, which later received the TOPs code ‘HUO’. A total of 5,263 wagons were built by BR from 1954 for transporting coal and coke throughout Britain until their withdrawal in the 1980s, with many entering private use at collieries upon retirement by British Rail. The model, which is of the 1/148, lot 2069 pattern, has just finished tooling and an engineering sample is currently en route from our factory in China. The surviving prototypes were surveyed at the Tanfield Railway, near Stanley, County Durham in mid-October 2017. Following the survey, highly detailed CAD was produced locally and reviewed by wagon experts who had first-hand operational and survey experience of the prototypes when in service. We would like to thank the Tanfield Railway for the assistance we received and have made a donation to the railway to help with preservation of railway heritage for future generations. Flows which utilised HUOs include coke from East London to Wellingborough, Kirkby- Staythorpe, Killingworth to Stella, Kincardine, Stella North / Stella South / Dunston / Blyth, Thorpe Marsh Tunstead Works - Smaledale Works and Hessle Quarry to Hull Wilmington. They were also synonymous with coke flows from South Wales coking plants to Barry Docks. Our rendition of the HUO will feature the correct offset brake hanger arrangement and the following high level of specification, enjoyed by the customers of sister company IRM, whose Irish outline models are the most highly detailed on the market: · Sprung buffers with spindle, self contained and Oleo types all being catered for, depending on prototype · NEM coupling housing · RP25.110 darkened profile wheel sets · Factory-fitted wire handrails · Extra fine factory-fitted detail plastic parts · Individual lettering and markings from real wagons for authenticity · Built to scale tolerances to allow easy conversion to EM and P4 standards The HUO will go on sale in Q2 2018 in packs of three, with pre-TOPs, TOPs and private owner packs arriving on a staggered release basis throughout 2018 in a variety of liveries, such as BR freight grey and private owner wagons. They will also feature individual markings and detail faithful to research of the real wagons. The first release will see four different packs of three individually numbered wagons in BR grey with pre-TOPs markings so the modeller can build a 12-wagon train without duplication. Prices will be £59.95 for each pack of three wagons. In addition to the HUO, the various buffers used by the wagons throughout their lives will also be offered as separate detail parts for the detail-minded modeller. This will be sold in packs of eight for £2.95. This will be the first in a series of detail part packs offered by Accurascale for modellers. Both the HUO and the buffer detail packs are available to buy exclusively on the Accurascale website direct or from the Accurascale stand at various UK exhibitions from the second half of 2018. Orders will commence on February 1st.
  2. Hi everyone, Our first Accurascale model, the HUO hopper, is up for the award of Hornby Magazine's 'best OO wagon / coach' of 2018. It would be great to give us a vote should you think we're worthy! The closing date is Oct 1st and there are some excellent prizes on offer to everyone who places a vote! https://hornbymagazine.keypublishing.com/2018/09/13/hornby-magazine-model-railway-awards-2018/ Cheers! Fran
  3. Warbonnet

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    Hi Kevin, We understand that but the other option would be a retool of the chassis which would likely incur a significant price increase I'm afraid. We can investigate it nearer the time of production but we have plenty of other stuff to get through first. Cheers, Fran
  4. Warbonnet

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Our next model, the highly exclusive CIÉ/Irish Rail 24850-24854 series ballast plough van, is now available to pre-order ahead of delivery in August 2018! Five of the CIÉ/Irish Rail 24850-24854 series vans were introduced in 1978 to supersede elderly pre-grouping vans for the Civil Engineering Department. They usually ran in pairs, top-and-tailing ballast hopper trains across the Irish railway network until their withdrawal in 2013. Following the success of our first model, the CIÉ/Irish Rail Ballast Hopper wagons, it seemed fitting to add the Ballast Plough to our range to complete a typical Irish ballast train. The model will utilise the same chassis as the ballast hopper and cement bubbles as per prototype, and will include features such as fully detailed interior, wire mesh on the windows (where appropriate) and full DCC control of interior and tail lights via a two function 8 pin decoder (not supplied). The vans will also feature switches to operate these features on analogue systems. The Plough Vans will be made in a strictly limited production run. Four of the five vans will be represented in this batch of releases, with the vans coming in two packs of two for a sale price of €119.95. This price reflects the very small production volume and complexity of the model. There will be an IR and IE pack, both carrying CIÉ/Irish Rail ‘Machinery Yellow’ as per prototype. The IR pack will feature two vans with the IR ‘points’ logo, gained in the late 1980’s and observed on some plough vans as late as 2006. The second will be in IE livery, which represents the final years of these unique vans. These vans will nicely finish off rakes of IRM ballast wagons and help complete an authentic Irish ballast train. Orders are now being taken via the IRM website: http://irishrailwaymodels.com/product-category/freight-stock/ballast-plough/
  5. Warbonnet

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Well I am a man of my word if anything
  6. We're delighted to announce that we will open the order book for the Tara Mines wagons this weekend at our range launch! The first run of models will see five packs of two wagons in the current red oxide scheme, giving you an authentic ten wagon train. The wagons promise to have a level of detail yet to be seen in 4mm, including rotating axle caps, kinematic couplings and a wealth of separately applied detail. We will be able to take orders at the event on Saturday and online. Prices will be €79.95 per pack. Excited? We are!
  7. Warbonnet

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Hi everyone, To compensate for the disappointing news about the Tara delay due to the super typhoon, here's the first engineering sample of the ploughs from the factory in China. The factory has painted it in NIR blue for some reason! Overall there is a lot to like but some changes required too. These will be conveyed back to China and changed before we received decorated samples. Please note that fit and finish isn't up to the usual standards of a fully factory finished model, that finesse comes later! Cheers! Fran
  8. Warbonnet

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Not a bad idea Chris, it might cheer us up too as we’re feeling pretty down about this delay tbh. All going well we might have something else to show tomorrow...
  9. Warbonnet

    Going to the Ploughing?

    Ran all the way to Heuston like that too. Just goes to show how strong the ICRs are, despite getting called 'plastic'. Good to see that the driver was okay.
  10. Warbonnet

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Hi everyone, Bit of a Tara update. As we reported last week, the Tara’s were due with us this week. However, nature has taken its course and as a result of a ‘Super Typhoon’ hitting the model railway manufacturing region of China on Sunday our delivery of Tara’s has been delayed. This is down to the storm itself, the fall out and damaged caused to local infrastructure. We’re currently looking to get a timeline on getting them on a flight out of China but it looks like it’s going to be delayed by a few weeks at least before everything is back up and running smoothly. We are also amid Christmas market stock leaving China, so its logistics silly season at the moment and getting a new slot on a plane could prove quite the challenge 😥 Apologies for this delay, but sadly nature is something we can’t legislate for in this instance. We will keep you up to date and will have more news when we have it. More info here https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2164496/four-dead-southern-china-after-typhoon-mangkhut-authorities-were https://edition.cnn.com/2018/09/17/asia/typhoon-mangkhut-china-hong-kong-intl/index.html Cheers, Fran
  11. Hi everyone, Just a quick question regarding DCC decoders for the plough vans; the cheapest we can possibly do them for is €25 per decoder direct. Are you interested in buying them or will you bother at all? They will be a top of the line, reliable decoder from ESU. Let us know in our poll! It is open for the next 7 days. Cheers! Fran
  12. Warbonnet

    DCC Decoders for Ballast Plough Vans. Let us know!

    Hi Noel, it will of course. Need to get the chip in there somehow!
  13. Warbonnet

    DCC Decoders for Ballast Plough Vans. Let us know!

    Subtle as a brick Robert! Keep those votes coming in lads, poll closes on Wednesday so let us know! The chip will be in the roof, leaving this lovely interior to remain unspoiled
  14. Warbonnet

    DCC Decoders for Ballast Plough Vans. Let us know!

    Thanks for all the votes so far everyone! So far it seems that most people want to source them from us. We will leave the poll open for a week and make a decision based on the results. Keep voting!
  15. Warbonnet

    DCC Decoders for Ballast Plough Vans. Let us know!

    Correct Noel, there will be a switch under the van to switch them on and off too. Fran PS. I never said you did.
  16. Warbonnet

    DCC Decoders for Ballast Plough Vans. Let us know!

    No problem John! We will have them for the ploughs when they arrive, but I can't see us selling out straight away so they should be available for a while after. We'll order enough to cover now and have some in stock to last us a while if that makes sense? Cheers! Fran
  17. Warbonnet

    DCC Decoders for Ballast Plough Vans. Let us know!

    Hi Noel, The chips are to give the end user an option to have control over the lights without picking them up and also to turn off the tail lights at one end (the van immediately behind the loco should have no lights on). It also gives a user control over turning these lights on and off during shunting movements. As some feel that they do not need these in their vans as you say, we are offering them DCC ready to cut down on this expense. The purpose of this poll is to state if you wish to buy your decoders for your plough vans should you want them direct off us, buy them elsewhere or decide you dont want them as you do not use DCC or just do not want that additional control so we can gauge how many to order. It's not the place for a wider discussion on the merits of DCC v Analogue etc, so if we could keep it on topic it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Fran
  18. Warbonnet

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    We were wondering how long it would take someone to notice those...
  19. Warbonnet

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    As if! 😉
  20. Warbonnet

    Chris Dyer - 22k dmu sets + Mk4 coaches

    @WRENNEIRE will be able to help you out. Drop him a message.
  21. Warbonnet

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Our much anticipated Tara Mines wagons have left our factory and are now making their long journey west! We will have them in stock in just over one weeks time, meaning you should have them on your layouts towards the end of next week. Exciting times, and the production samples certainly made an impression at the Stillorgan sale yesterday, with plenty of pre-orders being placed ahead of their arrival. I know we say this about each model so far, but these are going to be really special, and have turned out lovely, definitely our finest wagon yet. They are well over the halfway mark in sales, so make sure you don't miss out on them before they go. Order now for delivery next week https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/tara-mines
  22. Warbonnet

    Class 458 Build

    Wow, that’s superb!
  23. Warbonnet

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Now that is lovely Dave! It looks great with that logo.
  24. Warbonnet

    Murphy Model spares

    Set of handrails for a 141 please Dave!

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