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  1. Jack


    Heading to the airport in the next 20 mins,.First visit to Warley tomorrow,looking forward to it. Jack
  2. Jack

    North Down Model Show

    Anyone know the dates of the 2019 show? Jack
  3. Jack

    Rapido Trains announce APT-E

    Received mine on Monday. Superb model.Running beautifully. Jack
  4. Jack

    Rapido Trains announce APT-E

    Am I the only one left to receive mine or is there anyone else over here still waiting? Jack
  5. Jack

    Rapido Trains announce APT-E

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BR-Advanced-Passenger-Train-APT-E-Rapido-NRM-Locomotion-DCC-Sound-Brand-New-/322050641293?hash=item4afbb6cd8d:g:AQgAAOSwvFZW8az It didn't take long! Jack
  6. Jack

    Rapido Trains announce APT-E

    Some footage of the APT-E in action. Jack
  7. Jack

    Rapido Trains announce APT-E

    Looks like delivery has been pushed back a couple of months.This is from the latest newsletter: Ok, so this is the bit you are most interested in. The APT-E Sound version will be delivered here first. It is anticipated that the first 600 packs will be airfreighted to us with an expected delivery date during the first week of March and these will be shipped in order and providing that the model has been paid for in full. The Trailing cars along with a further 500 APT-E packs will follow approximately a week later with the balance arriving in the second week of April. We will be sending out regular Newsletters informing you all of the precise delivery dates once we know the models are on their way. When you receive the models there will be a set of instructions advising you how to remove the model from the packaging so as to avoid any damage and how to assemble and disassemble the couplings and the parts that join it all together. There will also be a leaflet explaining what to do if you have a problem. We have a robust service and repair system in place and further details will follow. Keep watch for our weekly APT-E Update Newsletter
  8. Jack

    The Joy Of Train Sets

    On BBC 4 TV Wednesday 9pm.Pete Waterman among those who contribute. Jack
  9. Anybody know how much the box would contribute to the price?In other words what would an unboxed example make if in similar condition. Jack
  10. Jack

    Family bereavement .

    Very sorry to hear of your loss Anthony RIP. Jack
  11. Hi Rich Here are the pics of the Italian models I have collected so far.The coaches are basic Lima/Hobbyline.3 of the Locos are also Lima.The last 2 are a step up.The first of those 2 is a Roco Class E444 and the second is a Class 445 diesel,this is made by a firm called OS Kar which I hadn't heard of until I bought this.It really is a delightful model. The Lima diesel is a model of the same class but isn't a patch on the OS KAR version.The latter was 3 times the the price though! There is a feature in this months Continental Modeller on an Italian layout.They are not that common in the press so it may be worth having a look. Jack
  12. Hi I have a passing interest in Italian railways having spent summer holidays in Umbria for the past 12 years.We have travelled quite a bit by train especially in the early years when we would take the train from Rome to Perugia.A journey of 2 3/4 hours.(These days I drive.) We have also travalled locally to Assisi and Foligno. I have taken some photos and video over the years and will post them anon.I have also collected some Italian outline models whilst there. Jack
  13. Jack

    Midland Pullman 6 Car DMU

    Picking one of these up on Sunday in Clontarf.Looks the business. Jack
  14. Jack

    Bachmann Midland Pullman

    Will have to have one of these.The Nanking Blue w/o yellow ends.I expect it will be about stgĀ£300 when discounts are applied so better start saving! I got the Brighton Belle in Blue/Grey back in March and if it runs as well as that it will be worth every penny. Jack

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