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  1. Jack


  2. Photos & Video of Gypsums on what's left of my layout. Jack VID_20201231_205135.3gp
  3. Great service from IRM. Ordered the Gypsum Bundle yesterday afternoon received them about 20 minutes ago! Many Thanks to IRM and A Happy New Year To All. Jack
  4. Short 'n' Sweet! VID_20200719_202026.3gp
  5. Latest addition. Class41 D602 Bulldog.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/john.cregan.904/videos/10210709702996054/
  7. Thanks All. I'm actually in the process of dismantling it in order to build a new layout. Even in this clip (3 months ago) the road vehicles and some buildings are gone. It's proving to be quite a task! Jack
  8. Jack


    https://youtu.be/7u7GiOsxgocJust received my rake of Taras today.This is them behind 088. Please forgive all the foreign beasts on view. Jack
  9. Jack


    Heading to the airport in the next 20 mins,.First visit to Warley tomorrow,looking forward to it. Jack
  10. Anyone know the dates of the 2019 show? Jack
  11. Received mine on Monday. Superb model.Running beautifully. Jack
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