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  1. A Class locos

    Hello guys , came across this on you tube. so for anyone who has not already seen it.
  2. Granby bus ads

    Thanks guys , especially Broithe for the photos.
  3. Granby bus ads

    Hi folks , can anyone help with this photo , I am wondering what year it might have been taken. Also would anyone have any photos of buses with Granby ads on them ?
  4. MGWR train

    Hello guys , I am thinking about having a go at modelling (in 4mm scale) the train on page 46 of Ernie Shepherd's book on the MGWR .I think this could only be done by scratch building or kit bashing .Does anyone have any tips re which kits would be the easiest to "bash " ? PS don't want to put the photo up here because of copyright.
  5. ouch !!

  6. Dublin trams

    Hello Guys , anybody know where there might be some photos of Dublin trams ?
  7. brianmcs workbench

    Hi folks , allways wanted to be a scratch builder so I made a start on a bogie cement wagon . will post updates as I make further progress.
  8. bogie cement wagons

    Hi folks , does anybody know if the bogie cement wagons are still at Limerick . how difficult would it be to get close up photos of them ?
  9. correct shade of orange ?

    Hello folks , I finally bought an aerosol to paint my silverfox A class . I specified RAL 2011 but it seems a very light shade , it is definitely lighter than the orange on the MM 141 I have . Does anyone know where I could get the correct shade ? Brian.
  10. mk3 roof vents

    hello folks , I am working on a mark 3 egv using the SSM kit on a Lima donor. Can anyone let me know the correct position of the roof vents ?
  11. Hornby mk4's for sale

    Hi guys , I am selling this train . I have never run it and it has no boxes. I think it came from a set originally. Price - 45 euros I am in Dublin and will post ir if need be at extra cost. best regards, Brian.
  12. items fior sale

    Hi guys , I have some items which I want to offload I am going to put them on Ebay but some members might be interested in "first refusal". I am in Dublin so collection can be arranged or I will send them by registered post at extra cost. the Athearn loco ( never run ) 25 Euro The rivarossi coach ( slight damage to box ) - 50 Euro The altaya baggagee car - 10 Euro The Jouef DB coach ( Made in Ireland ) - 5 Euro best regards, Brian. (ATTACH=CONFIG]16782[/ATTACH]

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