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  1. Why so much negativity

    Hello guys I'm just wondering why 1 or 2 users mainly 1 I think feel the need to be so negative in every post about everything to do with anything. I mean are people not allowed to own stock or have healthy discussions or post about certain events. Although I am starting to notice that not many feel the need to take notice of the negativity and that it's not risen to. I mean I'm on this site 2 years and it's the same name all the time. I know I shoudnt start this thread as it's unhealthy for the forum. But every time I go into a thread and low and behold there is the negativity it hanging over the thread like a big thick black rain cloud. I just can't help and I feel I need to air my frustrations sorts in advance guys I know it's not healthy just wanted to know how you guys feel or is it just me honesty is welcome
  2. Scary the money involved

    I was just looking at some layouts in that forum and it caught my attention the vast collection of rolling stock some modellers are privaliged to own Tara Junction being one of a few and it dawned on me how much money it must of cost some modellers. I know that there a lot of skilled modellers who can scratch build and kit build to a professional standard but still lots of money still spent I'm sure. How much has been spent if some were to think back I wonder ??😓😓😓😓
  3. Hello modellers I'm wondering how you recreate the silver lining around the windows or can this be purchased????
  4. NIR 450 class from bachmann 150/1

    My first ever time scratch building. I've tried my best at filling & sanding all the decals and filler so my next move is to spray primer. Is any grey plastic primer any good for red bull livery or should I maybe go for a white plastic primer. Have a good look at the photos guys and don't be afraid to provide some constructive comments as I've said its my first ever scratch build
  5. EE shunter NIR

    Hello modellers I'm looking info on the little shunters NIR had. What makes a good Donor How many were there, I think 2 not sure. And general info were they just used at York rd Running numbers Many thanks in advance guys
  6. NIR red/yellow

    Any modellers know what shades of red & yellow NIR use for the GM's and 80 class/450 class. Many thanks in advance
  7. 80 class donors

    As the title states I think they are BR mk1's but I could be wrong any help gladly appreciated
  8. Uploading photos

    Hi all who read this. How do I upload photos ??????????????????? Many thanks in advance
  9. Track Plans of York Rd Depot

    Hello modellers I'm looking The most up to date Track Plans of York Rd Depot from Duncrue M2 bridge to depot and up incline to Yorkgate Station. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi modellers how do I work out the size of a station building and convert the actual size to 00 guage
  11. still undecided as to repaint some old coaches or take the plunge and buy a spray gun as I don't know the advantages and disadvantages of either of the above could the guys with a wealth of experience please advice
  12. Do I need to strip away BR blue & Gray 80's livery before I repaint or respray into NIR redbull livery.
  13. Are hornby mk2d ok to use for ex gatwick Nir stock
  14. Are weathering sticks any good

    are weathering sticks any good or are the older methods best
  15. Any NIR stock for sale

    looking to buy any NIR stock for sale

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