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  2. You have solved my problem of connecting a 3 coach 450 class out of two bachmann 150/2's great stuff many thanks
  3. And as Bruce would say Didn't he do well very realistic looking take my hat of brilliant
  4. Just seen your layout for the first time
  5. Thanks Hunslet the minute I seen what you did with the little shunter I new I should of used plastic card thank goodness I never sprayed her with primer
  6. What type of plastic card did you use hunslet if you can remember that would be great as I'm using Milliput for a 450 class from 150/1 and I think plastic card would be better for windows and doors
  7. Ok hunslet many thanks a wonderful attempt it looks the buisness
  8. What did you use for the back end of the DH class ??
  9. Brilliant she's a lovely looking little loco
  10. What donor did you use for the little NIR shunter
  11. And for once the light bulbs might come on and stay on for longer than 5 seconds
  12. I suggest you check out the video on you tube/disabled parking badge sign on double yellow lines you will love this typical city council in England and the traffic warden whom they employ. But yes you are probably rite hence me stating how our two governments should bang there heads together
  13. I think u missed my point riversuir226 I meant if freight in Ireland is to be successful ever again then surly regardless of port the two governments and two railway providers need to look at an island length freight network which could be achieved I mean running real from the bottom to the top at night must surly be more economical and has to be a positive thing for employment for more financial income it's quicker and more effective.
  14. Or re-introduce crossborder freight and make use of the line between Lisburn and Antrim as a means of freight to Derry/Donegal. Three big work hoarse GM's that owe NIR nothing now, they have paid for themselves many times over could take up some of the slack on the cross border freight service only night traffic movements would be a possability so as not to infringe on passenger traffic, freight movements from Larne harbour and Lisburn moving a lot of freight north reliably safely and into Donegal would require Hugh investment I would presume but if it works in Scotland England and Whales then why not across the whole of Ireland surly with the support of the Irish goverment and NI Assembly/Westminester plus EU Backing it could be achieved
  15. I get what your saying imagine if the Northern Irish government banged there heads and maid use of the port of Larne, it has a station that not many people use nowadays with 90% of foot and car passengers now use the stenna terminal in Belfast harbour. Think of the loop at greenisland being relayed it would be a direct freight route to North Coast/Derry from Derry by road to Donegal surely it's a no brainer Translink should take the next step in the Re-investment in railways the DRD save money on the maintenance of roads/potholes as the big beasts won't be on the roads. But governments never learn (example) in the 80's a stretch of road in Co Antrim about 4.5 mile long would of cost 70 odd million maybe less now for the near exact same road plan as before cost The NI government and EU funding 300 million I mean that is why governments never see sense so so odd
  16. Yea man I'm just catching some rays and drinking some wine what's with all the negative waves
  17. Correction sorts in advance was actually meant to be sorry in advance blasted iPhones and predictive text
  18. Hello guys I'm just wondering why 1 or 2 users mainly 1 I think feel the need to be so negative in every post about everything to do with anything. I mean are people not allowed to own stock or have healthy discussions or post about certain events. Although I am starting to notice that not many feel the need to take notice of the negativity and that it's not risen to. I mean I'm on this site 2 years and it's the same name all the time. I know I shoudnt start this thread as it's unhealthy for the forum. But every time I go into a thread and low and behold there is the negativity it hanging over the thread like a big thick black rain cloud. I just can't help and I feel I need to air my frustrations sorts in advance guys I know it's not healthy just wanted to know how you guys feel or is it just me honesty is welcome
  19. Yes thank you also as I've been here 2years now and it's the first I've seen of it, and a joy it has been to see the project from start to finish can't wait to see 112/ 80 class and who really cares if we don't see them until 2018 it will be something to look forward to
  20. And yes I don't know what the trading laws are like south of the border but in the uk if your TV breaks you don't phone/email Sony/Samsung you phone currys/euronics they fix or replace not the manufacturer so why people would u contact MM I don't know. If the retailer has to replace then it's for the retailer to contact manufacturers to be reimbursed. How long do you think you would wait for one of these Huge company's to reply to emails a lot longer than what MM would take to reply I bet. And it clearly states on MM website that email is only for trade not complaints or queries about a little plastic buffer.
  21. Just saying NIRclass80 that that was clearly the case and the rest of my post if I'm not mistaken was singing MM praises so surely the more said the better as it shows that what ever happened in the past has clearly been rectified and his new range as I said are very fine looking and running well up there with Bachmann and defnitley better than Hornby.
  22. Funny I went to a retailer who has a small shop up north outside ballymena and he said he would never work with MM again after the problems retailers had with MM during his Lima days. A good bit before my step into modelling. Now my opinion I think the current batch of Loco's are some of the best looking and detailed models in the UK/Irish market I just wish Mr Murphy you would consider yes Mr Murphy consider us modellers North of the border. Your NIR Loco's 111/201's are great models to look at and run but some coaching stock to run with them would be great or even current hoppers. I mean I'm sure you's guys South would still purchase NIR stuff to
  23. My preference to go down south is train but my wife always makes me drive thanks to the new motorway when I was a kid that drive just wasn't the quick option and train was always quickist
  24. My my surely anything that's more modern than the good old NIR thumpers now that's a loud Dmu although 80class like cravens quiet comfortable but the 450's were to loud and not comfortable and freezing in the winter
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