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  1. Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, A few shots from the end of March and the beginning of April, showing the altered rail services over the Easter Bank holiday (due to the installation of a new underbridge at Sallins). As always, click on any of the photos to view them full size 31 March - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157694883784834 April - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157694883784854 Regards, Kieran
  2. Sligo to Castlebar direct

    The only way by train is via Dublin. As an aside, I can only see one way of doing it completely by heavy rail, as follows: -1300 Sligo - Connolly -1640 Grand Canal Dock - Newbridge (from Connolly) -1730 Heuston - Galway (from Newbridge to Athlone) -1815 Heuston - Westport, arriving in Castlebar at 2104 This only works Mon-Fri
  3. Photographic Website Updates

    Thanks Jason!
  4. Hi Dave, I don't think there's any road alterations at present, as the bridge is going in as part of the new Sallins By-Pass project. The bridge itself has been built next to the line over the past 8 months or so (from doing foundations to actually building the deck). All that needs to happen is the bridge parts moved into place. Shame as it was quite a nice quiet spot. The Irish Rail Twitter account has a few interesting photos and videos Kieran
  5. Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, A selection of photos from the past week, with photos from: -Portlaoise -Stradbally -Kildare -Newbridge -Portmarnock As always, click on any of the photos to view them full size Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157667257860768/with/40407970904/ Regards, Kieran
  6. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening all, March has been particularly quiet for me, with college and other commitments resulting in the camera remaining in the bag for a considerable period of time. However, a cancelled lecture resulting in an 1100 finish on a sunny day gave me the opportunity to have a roam around. As always, click on any of the photos to view them full size Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157691766693262 Regards, Kieran
  7. Luas Breakdown

    Failures are all about visibility. The Enterprise appears to have appalling reliability, yet 98-99% of services are operated as planned with the DD stock. A MKIV failure on the Cork line is incredibly easy to hide, a DD failure not. I'm not denying that there has been an increase in issues on the Green Line as a result of Cross City opening, but I would suggest that, in terms of actual failure rate, that it is a lot lower than preceived
  8. Luas Breakdown

    Genuine question burnthebox - what's the solution? There's a couple of thousand people each day that use Heuston LUAS alone Incidently, there is no such thing as a "double length" tram. 5028 is 55m, 5007 is 43.5m. The shortest original trams (Red Line only) were 30m
  9. Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, I ventured out both yesterday and today in increasing snow to get photos of the operations. Yesterday (Wednesday) was the result of college being cancelled whilst travelling to college (great forward planning!), whilst today's venture out was to see the last few days before the shut-down. Click on any of the photos below to view them full size Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157693210237874 Regards, Kieran
  10. Photographic Website Updates

    Good morning all, Following on from my visit to Nottingham, Derby and environs, January was a pretty quiet month Irish photo wise Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157691546414081 --- February has been a bit more active, with shots from Monasterevin, Portarlington, Heuston and Portlaoise in the mix thus far Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157691453619961 Regards, Kieran
  11. Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, The final selection from my UK trip in January are now online, featuring: -Derby -Tutbury and Hatton -Nottingham As always, click on any photo to view full size Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157665263672318 and https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157690234588842 Regards, Kieran Mogul, As far as I am aware, the shunter (621) is limited to the lathe road - it's certainly rare to see it anywhere else and I only recall it being elsewhere for the opening of the depot. The shunting set is a spare set used only whilst other sets are being reformed (as they cannot be driven otherwise)
  12. Photographic Website Updates

    Good afternoon all, I spent last week in the Nottingham area, and took the opportunity to have a wander around for a couple of days, revisiting old haunts. The first set of photos are now available to view, from a trip to Uttoxeter that didn't quite end up as expected! Click on any of the photos to view them full size Album Link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157662691659857/with/27943989419/ Regards, Kieran
  13. IE seeks new rolling stock

    Nothing official yet, just broadening the horizons a bit as required. Unlike the UK, where bi-modes are DMUs with a pantograph, something along the Stadler bi-modes are more likely from the proposals I have seen when it's been discussed
  14. Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, There was still plenty of snow around on Monday 11 December as I travelled up from Portlaoise to a college exam in Dublin, but it allowed for some interesting photos! Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157690300945964 Regards, Kieran
  15. Photographic Website Updates

    Thanks Jason!

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