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  1. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, On Saturday 7 July 2018 I ventured north to the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland's main engineering and museum base at Whitehead for a look around, since I had never visited before. It wasn't all play as a little bit of work was completed (with thanks to Philip for arranging that chance!), along with a detailed tour around the workshops. Of particular interest was the first of what would be called "modern" railcars - underfloor engines powering the bogie next to it! As always, click on the photo to view it full size with detailed descriptions in many cases Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157668919464107 Regards, Kieran
  2. hurricanemk1c


    RAL 1004
  3. hurricanemk1c

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    Couplings were not the issue. They were missing another piece that was presumed to be with the wagons (basically a vacuum gauge for the rear of the train). Van is of interest to more than one party The Mark 3s went to tender for sale. No-one was interested at the time. Worth more as scrap and spares, plus took up a lot more room than a rake of old wagons
  4. hurricanemk1c

    Limerick Junction changes

    As far as I am aware it is a 300m-ish straight platform. Nothing more or less. Plus if you are measuring from the station building it will be to the north east of the existing facilities
  5. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, Yesterday (21 June 2018), four oil wagons and a barrier wagon were moved from Heuston Guinness Sidings to Inchicore for further storage. Although initially scheduled for 0915, the transfer actually ran at 1145. Always a fun wait! However it did show how busy Heuston is in the morning - something that even I had not realised despite commuting through the station. As always, click on the photos below to view them full size, or the album here -https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157670365570328 Regards, Kieran
  6. hurricanemk1c

    Limerick Junction changes

    Platform will be on the Down Dublin - Cork line. Apart from that, no change
  7. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, A selection of photos from this week, mainly taken on lunch breaks. Scenes include: -Dublin's Talbot Bridge and Rosie Hackett Bridge -Dublin Heuston, Tara Street and Connolly stations -Inchicore -Hazelhatch and Celbridge Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157696366819421 Regards, Kieran
  8. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Good morning all, A few photos from the first week or so in June, featuring the following: -Stradbally Running Days -Spray Train in Connolly -Lansdowne Road -Pearse -Heuston -Connolly -O'Connell Street Click on the photos below to view them full size, or https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157697807791245 Regards, Kieran
  9. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Good afternoon all, I've been very slack in updating forums recently, with a combination of college, volunteering and work getting in the way of putting anything down describing photos. So, here's a May update, featuring: -Dublin Heuston -Stradbally Diesel Day -RPSI International tour arriving into Dublin Connolly -Retro 071 in Kildare -A trip along the Luas Green Line to Brides Glen -Heuston in the evening Click on any of the photos to view them full size with descriptions, or the album link here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157666962768707 Regards, Kieran
  10. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, A few shots from the end of March and the beginning of April, showing the altered rail services over the Easter Bank holiday (due to the installation of a new underbridge at Sallins). As always, click on any of the photos to view them full size 31 March - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157694883784834 April - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157694883784854 Regards, Kieran
  11. hurricanemk1c

    Sligo to Castlebar direct

    The only way by train is via Dublin. As an aside, I can only see one way of doing it completely by heavy rail, as follows: -1300 Sligo - Connolly -1640 Grand Canal Dock - Newbridge (from Connolly) -1730 Heuston - Galway (from Newbridge to Athlone) -1815 Heuston - Westport, arriving in Castlebar at 2104 This only works Mon-Fri
  12. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Thanks Jason!
  13. Hi Dave, I don't think there's any road alterations at present, as the bridge is going in as part of the new Sallins By-Pass project. The bridge itself has been built next to the line over the past 8 months or so (from doing foundations to actually building the deck). All that needs to happen is the bridge parts moved into place. Shame as it was quite a nice quiet spot. The Irish Rail Twitter account has a few interesting photos and videos Kieran
  14. hurricanemk1c

    Photographic Website Updates

    Good evening all, A selection of photos from the past week, with photos from: -Portlaoise -Stradbally -Kildare -Newbridge -Portmarnock As always, click on any of the photos to view them full size Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157667257860768/with/40407970904/ Regards, Kieran

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