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    Left Ireland to marry my now American wife, buying a house and want to bring my collection from Ireland and set it up over here. It is in good hands at home so no fear of it


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  1. For my 2 cents, I would prefer to know in advance, as in what notice we had with the bubbles and wagons. I know there were delays in the bubbles because everyone at IRM was not happy at first with quality of the first samples, and I think that everyone seemed patient about it as I was keeping an eye on it, but when we saw the quality of the bubbles, it was worth the wait. I would not mind a delay for something that is announced from the original eta advised, if the quality is to equal that of the bubbles and also to be fair the ballast wagons were also fab. I am sure that if something that is announced, intended to be released and for whatever reason does not make it to market, all I would say is thanks for giving it a lash lads!!!! To be fair to everyone at IRM, you all deserve a big thank you for the products that you have brought to the market to date, I am for sure very happy with them, all I need now is to get a start on my layout, maybe this year?
  2. Please vote for IRM!!

    Done and all the best of luck on it. Would be sweet if Irish Railway Models wins it.
  3. If anyone is interested: http://www.adverts.ie/models/1975-lima-irish-rail-set/13817354 And also saw this: http://www.adverts.ie/toy-cars-trains-boats-planes/cie-rolling-stock-transeurope-express-railway-buildings/13611335
  4. I am wondering if there is anyone that would know what the railway station in Charleville, Co. Cork would have looked like in the 60s? I would like to plan a model railway and have a station based on the station from 60s and 70s. I would like the track layout if anyone can advise and I cannot remember the buildings that were there in the 80s, except the signal box, as I was a child then. I live at the moment in the USA. If anyone can advise where I could find out on this, I would greatly appreciate it. I am not able to find anything really online about it and when I was on holidays during the year, I failed to get anything on it from anywhere I tried to in the town. The station had very nice buildings but of course these were torn down as part of IE when they built the building that is there now.
  5. Paint color code

    Please advise, I am thinking about building a layout as I do have some Irish RTR models. I would like to be able to get some MK4's but I do not know what are the painting codes if I try it. It will be a while before I will attempt to do it. If someone could please advise what color codes are used to make a model of a MK4 please advise. I do live in the US so I will be trying to get stuff locally here. If someone could advise of other color codes used by Irish Railways, Supertrain, etc I would really appreciate that as well.

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