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    Left Ireland to marry my now American wife, buying a house and want to bring my collection from Ireland and set it up over here. It is in good hands at home so no fear of it


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  1. mmie353

    IRM at the Raheny Show this weekend

    HI Fran, When will it be on the website on the new model announcements? Sorry but due to location, I will not be able to attend. Thanks, Mark
  2. Stumbled across this from 1967 from Charleville to Patrickswell -
  3. mmie353

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    If IRM were to release the CIE version, I would look to buy it, To be fair, I have purchased everything so far that is released. I for sure would not cancel my current other for both IR and IE, I am looking forward to the delivery of them. I would wonder how much it would cost that would be all considering the changes that have to be made.
  4. Is there an issue with Irish Railways models website? Seem to be having DNS issues when I try to get to the website from IE: Chrome has a connection timeout error when I try with that. Firefox gives a server not found error...
  5. mmie353

    eBay Watch

    Rails have a Class 201 Lima for sale I see on their ebay store, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LIMA-OO-IRISH-CLASS-219-RIVER-TOLKA-IE-LIVERY-DIESEL-LOCOMOTIVE-RARE-11A-/202112310906?hash=item2f0ed51e7a
  6. mmie353

    New Irish Railway Models Website

    Like the new website, it is nice, well done. However I do see on the support that you have the option to download information sheets on the Cement Wagons and the Ballast Wagons, the links seem to be broken, this is the error I get when I click on the Cement Wagons: This site can’t be reached The webpage at https://irishrailwaymodels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/IRM-CIE-cement-bubble-info-sheet.pdf might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE
  7. Is there an issue logging into the IRM website? It seems to have been updated, however my sign on is not accepted and when I try to reset my password, it does not recognize my email address.. Is there an issue?
  8. mmie353

    News on Hornby?

    Stumbled across this, https://www.ft.com/content/75ec9b90-3188-11e8-b5bf-23cb17fd1498
  9. mmie353

    Please vote for IRM!!

    Congrats to everyone at IRM, a great result. When Accurascale gets its first product onto the British market, for next years poll, it will be very interesting along with the releases for IRM for 2018. An exciting year ahead, and the best of luck with Accurascale.
  10. For my 2 cents, I would prefer to know in advance, as in what notice we had with the bubbles and wagons. I know there were delays in the bubbles because everyone at IRM was not happy at first with quality of the first samples, and I think that everyone seemed patient about it as I was keeping an eye on it, but when we saw the quality of the bubbles, it was worth the wait. I would not mind a delay for something that is announced from the original eta advised, if the quality is to equal that of the bubbles and also to be fair the ballast wagons were also fab. I am sure that if something that is announced, intended to be released and for whatever reason does not make it to market, all I would say is thanks for giving it a lash lads!!!! To be fair to everyone at IRM, you all deserve a big thank you for the products that you have brought to the market to date, I am for sure very happy with them, all I need now is to get a start on my layout, maybe this year?
  11. mmie353

    Please vote for IRM!!

    Done and all the best of luck on it. Would be sweet if Irish Railway Models wins it.
  12. If anyone is interested: http://www.adverts.ie/models/1975-lima-irish-rail-set/13817354 And also saw this: http://www.adverts.ie/toy-cars-trains-boats-planes/cie-rolling-stock-transeurope-express-railway-buildings/13611335
  13. mmie353

    Charleville Railway Station, Co. Cork

    Many thanks again to everyone for this, my father did say that there was a turntable there at one stage, I did think that it was a pity that I could not find in the library there any pictures of the station, it being something of importance to the town in it's history. I do hope in time that I can get a model of it built but I have a lot of work to do before I can get to a layout. For now I can collect bits of anything released in the way of Irish models.
  14. mmie353

    Charleville Railway Station, Co. Cork

    Was any track taken away or is the track still the same as it is there today? Many thanks to the replies on this question already, I really appreciate it.

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