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    Hi all, I've been following this forum and previous forums for a while now and eventually I've decided to show what I working on. This is the layout that I am going to attempt to build. It may take some time. It may have to be passed on to the next generation (7, 6 & 4 atm) Over the last couple of years I've been trying to get a layout started, but to no avail. I've spent a lot of time planning, as I haven't really had the time nor the funds to actually get one going. I've been using SCARM to design many, many layouts. My first few layouts were all double line loops of one kind or another and I read a thread somewhere, where someone said something like, pft everyone uses double line track. So I started a design with some single line track. "But you're design is all double line", you say. Yeah, I know. What can you do! So the initial design is the first image (8ftx6ft) which is almost all done using set track with probably a few non-standard straight pieces to fit gaps. Spending most of my time reading other people's threads (mostly on another forum and earlier versions of this one) I soon realised that using flex track would produce better, more realistic, sweeping curves. So ... okay I'll have a go at that ... image 2 (11ftx6ft). Yes it's gotten quite a bit bigger hasn't it? Well I realised that my attic (which we converted) is 16ft wide (by 16ft), so why not have it the whole width. So it's now grown to 16ftx6ft. So the third image is the previous layout 'stretched' to fit the width of the room. This would also help alleviate the steep climbs created with the first two. I figured I could make it in easily manageable sections (4x2) and 'try' to connect them. The next figure is my last alteration on the design. As I designed it with 4x2 boards at the back and the same at the front, I figured why not keep with the same dimensions for the connecting sections between them. Of course this means that it will take up half of our attic space, but I doubt that will be for some time yet. I am going to concentrate on the topmost sections. There can't be any complaints about taking up that much space. I will have to apply to SWMBO for planning permission for the remainder. An explanation may be in order. I really need at this stage to come up with names for stations, if only to help with the explanation, but it's late and creativity is not flowing. So, the grey track is all one big, long loop, allowing for (eventually) multiple trains to run on the track. The green sections basically splits the track into two independent loops, with the yellow and blue just storing other stock (which is very little at the moment) There are three stations, one of which will be an underground station and a train on the long grey loop can stop at 6 out of the possible 8 platforms on the layout. It can stop at all three of the north station platforms, both of the southern platforms and one of the underground stations. I'll try to come up with a better explanation during the week, showing the route a bit better and hopefully come up with some place names and such. As for construction, I've made two 4x2 boards and put them together, but I'm not entirely happy with them as the plywood I got wasn't cut very squarely so they don't line up very well. I will have to make new ones, but I can still work on these I think and transfer the small amount I've done. I'm planning to make the track and points myself, glueing down the sleepers and spiking the rail to them and then creating the points using printed templates from FastTracks. Ambitious or wha? Oh the fun we will have, the swear words we will use!! Comments welcome, Grambit.

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