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  1. Locomotive

    Hi folks think i got a bargain here €20 ...at car boot sale last Sunday brought set home. put on track away she flew magic always worth going through someone' else's rubbish .
  2. Locomotive

    Hi guys burned out two locomotives. That's another story. Wondering if one can sorce an original model of the titfield tunder bolt. Just hope and wishing.
  3. How to identify

    Where would one source HDI PARTS seems to very hard .
  4. How to identify

    Hi folks can I put pictures on the site to try and identify locomotives don't want to break the rules THANKS
  5. Locomotive

    Bus was never on time .lol S
  6. Locomotive

    Ahh thanks for that never new one could by motors. Any way i should have said I was seeking a titfield tunder bolt .i burnt out two engines due to bad wireing on two old locomotives grrrrrrr
  7. Dirt

    Where dose the dirt and dust come folks.
  8. LIMA Murphy Models

    This cherry black was bought by a chap in 2009 in dublin it's wrote on the card inside the box for €100
  9. LIMA Murphy Models

    Thanks for this your very helpful I have the box and some paper work in it I must study
  10. Happy Xmas to one and all. I got a gift from a friend of a locomotive he got in a charity shop in fermoy. Lovely condition not a mark or scratch.on it it's a real flyer on the track very powerful. However I don't have a clue about it othere than it's a Bachmann can any of years folks come to my help with some information thanks brassnut 




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    2. brassnut


      I found out that the one I have is actually called the cherry black 



      Scroll down on the link for some pics of the 3 N Class locos commissioned by Murphy Models




    4. brassnut


      Please forgive me I'm all over this site I'm getting lost lol.anyway I went looking inside the box of the locomotive in hand writing a chap had bought this locomotive in Dublin. It somehow ended up in fermoy still rolling ya might say 

  11. How to identify

    Thank you so much for sourcing this information.its really enlightened me and educationed me immensely. I'm very very grateful to you .thanks a million and a happy Xmas to you and all your family. Brassnut
  12. How to identify

    Ahh great thanks for that info.all my coaches and locomotives have H.D.I HAVE TAKEN A PICTURE OF THE THE UNDER CARRIAGE TO SHOW YOU I DONT UNDERSTAND AS IM ONLY LEARNING
  13. How to identify

    Hi I put pictures on the site to try and identify with them all I know is there made in Shannon HDI LOCOMOTIVE WONDERING IF YOU CAN HELP ME OUT WITH THEM THANKS BRASSNUT
  14. Class 121

    I'm new to this. So not familiar with things. Should I be in another area on this site help
  15. Class 121

    Any help would be appreciated on these train sets..All I know what is written under the carriages MADE IN IRELAND H.D.I........CIE .I'm hopeing Dave can get me up and rolling in my shunting yard hope you folks can enlighten me thanks brassnut
  16. How to identify

    Ahh sure it looks lovely. Out of place but something different on the self to chat about .lol
  17. How to identify

    Got this locomotive last night don't know anything about it. It looks nice
  18. I'm left in limbo

    Thanks Ray I got in contact with the chap yesterday on the fhone .he was very understanding indeed. Brassnut
  19. I'm left in limbo

    Hi all I feel like a fool.got a guy to assist me with my railway yard.he made a mess now I'm lost as my brain and hands don't work right. I'm wondering if there are anyone with a mind for electronics or who I can gain help and Thrust to get.me up and running I would be extremely greatful .thanks
  20. Class 121

    Sorry about late reply. Will do as you advise and hope that dose the job I'm only back on line thanks a million
  21. I'm left in limbo

    Hi Dave I just emailed you .thanks brassnut
  22. I'm left in limbo

    Yes please need help bad .to late for this Xmas?? However I'm trying to create the yard I've lots of Irish locomotive trains and rolling stock all extremely old stuff but a joy to admire I would really like to get things rolling..No pun intended. The guy sold me old switching track motors useless anyway I do I make contact with you I'm in South county Dublin area
  23. I'm left in limbo

    Yes I payed the guy.. .my big mistake listening to self proclaimed experts .he lead me believe he knew all about it....at least I'm honest and say well I don't know about it. Grrrrrrrrrr
  24. Class 121

    Hi all I'm new to this but maybe yous can advise me .I have a full HDI..train set made in Shannon. Don't know the age but age been the issue. The locomotive is extremely slow when I couple the carriages. Was thinking would it be advisable to put new motor in the loco or leave her grow old gracefully. Thanks brassnut

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