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  1. Thanks for your help folks I actually need 24 couplings as the tiny tiny tiny springs flew away
  2. brassnut


    Hi folks hope you are well. I'm in trouble with the couplings Well even if I new the name of these couplings i might be able to purchase them lol Seriously there off a Thomas kinkade xmas Express train now my problem is i dont know the name of the couplings but there spring loaded i know the springs sprung off somewhere gone they are., If possible can you assist me in acquiring replacement couplings. Do they have to be the original type? Or could I bung on a more simple type? Anyway have a look at the pictures. I eagerly await your replies thanks Tony
  3. All track only two year old strange. But looking at the photos I can see the wear certainly Will try get better pictures tomorrow thanks Tony
  4. I will have to get some one to remove and replace them as I would just ruin it altogether 

    Me heart is broken but ye all on this site always give a glimmer of hope thanks a million Tony 

    1. irishthump


      No problem. We'll all try our best here to help get you sorted.

    2. brassnut


      Yous are all very kind I will get the thoot brush and meth at the track tomorrow anyway my locos are very old but the track is two years old I have a new locomotive some where I will see how it runs on the track. Thanks Tony 

  5. Ahh on straight. On curves On cross overs. I'm useless at trying to explain. In detail.. Hopefully ye can understand my difficulties As I'm having trouble trying to figure out Thanks for all help brassnut
  6. Ahh thanks I be grateful for any assistance I'm not much with it I'm still learning
  7. South county Dublin firhouse oldbawn area d24
  8. Ye are all very kind I will check today if there hornby I really need some body that could see there way to help me in my home on the track as I'm unable to do so myself thanks for your kindness brassnut..
  9. I did all locomotives and carriages yesterday back to back gauge But still derailing I forget if there hornby or peco
  10. Hi all how can I stop derailing at the chage overs the frogs are a problem for me
  11. Thank you for this information your very good is there any thing else missing from the set that you can see from the pictures other than the controller thanks Tony
  12. Ok great I will check out asap is there a specific type thanks Tony
  13. Hi all I'm trying to acquire the original controller for this train set I received yesterday I would be grateful for any assistance from ye Thanks brassnut
  14. brassnut


    Getting it running right I'm very slow on the uptake like the points. Change over I'm mixed up thanks
  15. brassnut


    Anyone out that might be available to help me mess around with my shunting yard I'm lost thanks brassnut
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