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  1. SFX Sound Capsules

    Would anyone interested in sound fitted locos have any thoughts on the pros/cons of these SFX Sound Capsules. I know some Railroad models come with a basic sound chip which has greatly lowered the cost but these seem to be a simple and cheap option for some in the hobby? I see that Marks Models stock some of them. http://www.train-tech.com/index.php/sound
  2. I amanged to get a short vid clip (sorry about the quality etc) of the Hibernian train passing down the bank through Rathnew this morning at about 09.53. She was returning to Connolly for her onward journey to Waterford. Great to see a train like this on D.S.E.R. metals.
  3. I managed to get a short vid clip (sorry about the quality etc) of the Hibernian train passing down the bank through Rathnew this morning at about 09.53. She was returning to Connolly for her onward journey to Waterford. Great to see a train like this on D.S.E.R. metals.
  4. Belmond train dser

    I got a shock to see the Belmond hibernian train passing rathnew today heading south around 3.20pm. I believe the train has stabled in gorey for tonight. Would anyone know the schedule for Sunday? I'm guessing she won't cross the barrow bridge with a 201? I would love to snap it tomorrow, a real train on the dser is very rare now. Thanks in advance.
  5. ICR 22000 weight

    Hi all, I know I posted a similar question before but still puzzled as to the exact weight of the ICR 22000 trains. Viewed one recently at the 'metal bridge' Wicklow. These trains are fairly heavy for DMU's and are quoted as weighing 63tonnes per car on wikipedia? For a DMU they are hefty and the 'metal bridge' was rumbling as the train passed over at slow speed. According to the figures quoted a 4 piece 22k would weigh a hefty 252 tonnes! Would anyone be able to clarify the correct weights please? http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056425234
  6. Hi all, would anyone have information on the date/eta for the arrival of an A380 aircraft to Dublin in the near future? Thanks in advance for any help. Tommy
  7. Hi all, caught the afternoon Connolly-Rosslare service passing Tigroney, Avoca today. The pic were taken from the Miners Cross and I have read that a siding once existed at this location for the loading of ore from the local mines. This section is steeply graded and the train is just south of 'The Meetings' in the Rathdrum-Arklow section, a pic also of the water tower at Avoca Station good to see it largely intact and has been used by steam specials up to quite recently.
  8. Mark III Driving Trailers

    I had to do a botched repair on a buffer on my MK III DVT/Control Car. Got me thinking about these very unique vehicles and the great skill and ingenuity of the Inchicore workforce in adapting them for service as push/pull trains. In his book 'Irish Railway Rambler', Michael McMahon observes that five of these were built as 'Driving Brake Generator Second Class', better known as Control Cars. They had full width cabs with underfloor Cummins generators for on-board train services. Also a novel idea to have power generated underneath the coach (akin to practice in the USA), then I got to thinking, imagine if they had converted more of them up to full speed standard to work with push/pull fitted 071s! It would have made for some interesting sights and sounds and cut out the need for running around at the likes of Hueston and Kent stations on the top link workings. Initally the push/pulls were probably underpowered with the single 121 (still a great idea and lovely comfortable trains), from the mid 90s they got superpower in the shape of the 201s. Has any of these wonderful vehicles been preserved?
  9. GM203 River Corrib

    Picked up GM 203 today at Stillorgan, a fine looking loco and a welcome addition to my small fleet of locos. Thanks again to big Dave.
  10. Special Delivery!

    Came across this incident and apologies to those who have seen it before, collision between a Royal Mail postal service hauled by a GM Cl 67 and a coal train hauled by a Cl 60. Bit of a spectacular and expensive i'd reckon.
  11. MM201 Erratic running

    Hi all, I gave my MM201, 222 a run (it has not had a run in ages), this eve on my small layout. The power supply is through a basic Hornby DC controller, the loco was chipped in the past but I now only bother running any of the locos on the DC as I find it fine for what I want in a small set up. The problem seems to be that the loco runs for a circuit or two of the layout then slows to a stop. It is very like it is causing a short as I have to disconnect and then reconnect the power supply before she will run again. I removed the dcc chip and tried running her with a blanking plate, in all cases she runs for a short time then stops. Would anyone have any ideas or suggestions about the possible problem and solution please? I have ran 141s this evening on the same set up and they seem to be running fine. Thanks in advance, Tommy.
  12. Todays returning R.P.S.I diesel special passing over the Broadlough Estuary at Wicklow, having just crossed the down 17.42 service to Wexford.
  13. 121 Loco

    Anyone spot this one? https://www.donedeal.ie/hobbies-for-sale/model-train/13315868
  14. SF C Class

    I had ordered a C class from John at Silver Fox, it arrived at the end of June and I began working on it. I wanted to paint her in the black/white livery to represent this class on their occasional trips down to Shelton with the old loose coupled fert wagons in the early 1970s. My skills are are very, very basic and the paint job is poor enough but I have derived great pleasure out of this kit and I suppose I will improve at this stuff...some day! When I ordered it I also requested a decent chassis and the one supplied is a hornby and is weighted heavily so gives great traction. I have tried it out briefly and will post a few more pics and a vid shortly. Thanks for looking.
  15. BR Diesels, Cl 37, Cl 25

    Bachmann Class 37 in BR freight livery in great cond running on DC and DCC ready, also Bachmann Class 25 BR blue DCC chipped in great cond. No original boxes but will be shipped securely in suitable Bachmann boxes. Both lovely models in great cond and beautiful smooth runners, surplus and just used for display at present. Great bargain - Class 37 60Euro, Class 25 65 Euro, the pair 115e.

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