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  1. Kinvara-Train

    The Gort Layout at The B.N.S Kinvara

    Hi Noel for info only (My Gort )
  2. Kinvara-Train

    Diesel Depot

    i like your work ,Ply wood is the best great Job
  3. Kinvara-Train

    OO Layout - To be Named

    nice plywood frame George😉
  4. Kinvara-Train

    barrow street

    perfekt Plywood work at his best
  5. Kinvara-Train


    Hi Noel,Paul My version of Gort-Station (8X2metres) Best Regards Walter Pic.thanks to ECM
  6. Kinvara-Train

    Wexford Model Railway Club: Annual Clubroom Open Day 2017

    Bubbel-Bubbel only in Dublin
  7. we need a ICE-Train in the west:trains: Best Regards from the west Walter
  8. Kinvara-Train

    Modular OO Layouts

    Hi Slavek, Go for FREMO,you are better off:cheers: best regards Walter
  9. Kinvara-Train

    Modular OO Layouts

    Hi Slavek, No way for fremo in Eire there like to cook there one Soup:ROFL: best regards hottrain
  10. Kinvara-Train

    Clonakilty Show 2017 Tractor meets Train

    Best Regards Walter Ps. Heki Beli-Beco Viessmann and moore:tumbsup:
  11. Kinvara-Train

    Disillusioned Modeller

  12. Kinvara-Train

    Everard junction strips his layout

    for this Plywood only
  13. Kinvara-Train

    Baseboard Painting

    Hi Tony, Yes Plywood is the best,put the cork unter the track's best regards Walter
  14. Kinvara-Train

    LGB Knock off

    like the ALDI Lighthouse:) Best Regards Kinvara Train
  15. Kinvara-Train

    Graham's Toymaster/themodelshop.ie Closure

    All the best seamus Best Regards Walter

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