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  1. Colin R

    Walker Diesel Class F - ECMbuild in 4mm for OOn3

    Hi Eoin There is a good reason why you haven't heard back from Malcolm Savage, he is no long with us he died about three or four months ago I think. The good news is that some one is thinking about taking over his range, so hopefully it won't be too long before his bits become available again. Regards Colin I must get on with my own Class F loco model at some point.
  2. Colin R

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    Hi Sy Sorry for the delay in getting back to you what with work etc, the good news is that 00n3 is still a live and kicking you could try Branchlines for the Beyer peacock 2-4-0T kits or if as I understand it Worsley works are planning to do a few new Irish models, they do a number of Isle of Man kits as do Roxey Mouldings http://www.roxeymouldings.co.uk/category/59/4mm-scale-/ Ninelines still do the Donegal Van and what they called a flat wagon http://www.nine-lines.co.uk/home page frames.html I should not forget Alphagraphix as they do some wonderful card kits not only of rolling stock but a number of Irish buildings as well, you can contact them for a catalogue at the email address of sirberkeley@hotmail.com, they normally ask you to send them two British first class stamps and an A5 sized addressed envelope ( don't put the stamps on the envelope as I think they use them else where). Most of them are ease enough to find on the web via Google. the exception to this is in fact Branchlines, but you can find them via a Branchlines Blog site which hasn't been updated for some time now http://branchlines.blogspot.com/ Almost forgot Dundas Models and their T&D Kits https://dundasmodels.co.uk/webstore/index.php I don't think I have forgotten anyone but I am sure if I have I will add them to the list once I have the details Hope this all helps. Colin
  3. Hi Guys I am in the process of adding a few L&LSR coaches to my fleet and I am thinking what livery did they have in the early days. I have read that it could have been based on the LSWR of salmon pink and a shade of brown, with a dull red on the ends. I have to admit that sounds very interesting, but I was wondering what are your thoughts on this? I didn't want to go for either the all over black or grey liveries but something a bit brighter. Colin
  4. Colin R

    Heritage maps of Irish Railways

    That's the one thanks Broithe Colin
  5. HI Guys Can anyone help me I have lost my link to the Irish map website that gave all the details of Irish Railway stations from years gone past, I know I have the link somewhere but I have a feeling it is on the corrupt hard drive I replaced a few weeks ago. Thanks in advance for any help Colin
  6. Colin R

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    Hi Smub. Lets start at the beginning, First of all it can be expensive to hire someone to build the models for you. The second point is what scale did you have in mind? At this moment in time there are not that many 00n3 or 12mm gauge 00 scale (4mm scale) kits about as one of the main manufacturing is currently in the process of transferring ownership. There are a number of 3D cad print bodies out there from shapeway's but once again there are no working chassis at present, but I hope this is about to change as the new owner of the Irish range from Backwoods is hoping to introduce a new range of 3ft gauge chassis's for these 3D Bodies at some stage. Hope this helps Colin
  7. Colin R

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    Hi Mike I will let you have the cattle wagons if you still want them as I was only getting them for a future project so they may have hung around for awhile before I got around to building them. Colin Opps should have also said about this one as well LPHC 0-6-0 RH Smyth Regards Colin
  8. Colin R

    00n3 Backwoods Kits

    Hi Popeye He has this address to use He plans to re-release them as he is able, and for more information Neville can be contacted via ndriveproductions@yahoo.com hope this helps Colin
  9. Colin R

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    Hi Wrennerie I know you said you would prefer a swap, but the guys I know might not have a lot to swap with you but they may be interested in the 00n3 kits to buy from you, can you put a fresh list of what you have. I personally would like the Donegal stock and some of the 00 gauge stock like the Model Wagon Co. GNR(I) Cattle wagons, white metal (16) and the Original SSM 6 Wheel coaches, 1st class, 1st/2nd comp, 3rd & brake 3rd. I should not for get the Impetus kits either. Regards Colin Rainsbury
  10. Colin R

    00n3 Backwoods Kits

    Hi guys just had this sent to me if anyone was interested, it may take a while for this to happen but it might be worth thinking about in the next few months or so. Neville Kent of N-Drive Productions fame: I have arranged to take over the Backwoods Miniatures range of 4mm Irish stock and the 3 009 contractor loco kits, don't quite know when I'll start to re-release them but they are on their way back so if you could spread the word I'd be grateful." Regards Colin
  11. Colin R

    C.B &S. C Baldwins

    I wonder how many other Irish locos have been the subject of becoming a possible kit over the years, I know they may not have been to everyone taste, but I am sure the Queens would make a great resin based kit with white metal or brass fittings to fit on either a Hornby or Bachmann 4-6-0 chassis, it might even be a thing for Murphy's models to look at. Colin
  12. Colin R

    C.B &S. C Baldwins

    The average life span for a Baldwin in the UK and Ireland was about ten years as the boilers where built very lightly compare to normal UK Building practice, they had an attitude of run it till it is worn out and replace with something better at that time. Regarding the drawings if you could send me a copy of them I will see what we can do this end. best to email them to me at:- lynbarn58@gmail.com, I think they appeared somewhere recently, but I am not sure if I have them still. Regards Colin
  13. Colin R

    C.B &S. C Baldwins

    Hi Mike that does appear to be a bit high, as a one off, that said of course if there where more kits to come then the cost would be lower, it also depends on what you are asking for in the kit do you plan to sell just the etching by themselves or will it be a full package or wheels, motor, casting etc. While Allen (of Worsley Works) can do any etching you want you need to ask him how much that would cost and just how many he could get on one sheet of brass. For the NCC Mogul he needs four people to pay upfront for the bits he can do, then on top you have likes of the wheels motor/gearbox and casting to find. If you want to explore this a bit more I will dig out a couple of email address's for people who might be able to help you out with sourcing this stuff. sales@branchlines.com Brian can do motors, wheels and gear boxes for you. As for castings try another Brian at https://www.247developments.co.uk/ He deals with all sorts of stuff and he has a range of castings as well so he many be able to help you out Hope this helps Colin
  14. Colin R

    Clogher Valley Project

    That Mr Coakham must be doing well as I have seen his shops on a couple of other layouts, one was for the legal profession and the other as an engineering company, nice to be popular I guess* * truth be told that if we didn't have Des to take the photos and do the drawings at the time, I wonder how much more information we would have lost by now. Colin
  15. Colin R

    Finding old kits

    Sorry to be away for so long the new job in the hospital take up to much time and by the time I get home I am almost cream crackered to be honest, even to putting the PC on. Anyhow a brief update it looks like Backwoods has gone sadly but Worsley Works are in the process of producing a limited number of class 5 and 5a kits, the only problem is they don't supply the castings, so a small group of us are looking to make some new castings. I think that the CDR class 4, 5 and 5a all had standard fittings, but, if anyone knows any difference I would be glad to be put right (along with a drawing of course) for my man who has said he would produce the masters for the new kits. Worsley works do a range of Irish Narrow Gauge as well as the broad gauge stuff that I am sure some of you are familiar with already. Colin

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