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  1. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    To be honest David if i didn't have so much invested in 4mm 00n3 and all my other stuff then I would have gone 7mm many years ago, if you want a simple 21mm gauge shunting layout in 4mm it is possible in 4ft x 2ft two points and 4 meters of track will get you going, OK it is not a continuous run but it will give you something to work on and to have some fun shunting wagons or coaches with one engine in steam. I would agree with David it is so important for the Irish modeling community to show just what so many people are missing out on, the biggest problem is of course if you wasn't brought up on the Irish railway system then it will be harder to get into the mind set of the Irish Railway operation, as for me i got caught and was dragged kicking and screaming into that world occupied by the Donegal and I have to say what a great place to be, it has the best of both worlds, British influence, but with a great amount of that famous Irish charm and that Black creamy liquid too. Colin
  2. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Hi guys I have been considering this myself as I really fancy a 21mm gauge layout, nothing fancy you understand, just something very simple to start with. One bit of advice I can give since I have build some 009 track work and that is don't rush the first point or section of track. The second bit of advice is to build some cardboard jigs for the track and point work, cardboard from the wheatie bangs or other breakfast cereals is good enough for this. For best results use a bit of 9mm or deeper plywood as a base for the give me a few days to sort all this out and I will try try and do an article on how to build track over Christmas.
  3. Finding old kits

    What a great list you sure beat me with the number of broad gauge kits, I am sure I have more 3ft gauge kits awaiting building in the shed. I will need to go and check them out tomorrow. As for my broad gauge kits well that is another matter, I don't have that many. I will certainly go and get my hands on a LMS Jinty to convert to 21mm gauge so I have something to run and then there is that Bachmann L&Y 2-4-2T to repaint and detail into a B&CDR loco. I would love to see some of those photos you mentioned Wrennerie. Regards Colin
  4. Hi Guys I am thinking about next year already and I have this idea for a small 4mm scale 21mm gauge layout using the C&L track products. Now the plan is to build it in the 1930 to 60's period, I was wondering if anyone knew what rail section was in use the most at that period and how many screws per chair where used as well. Sorry if this is a repeat for something I have said before but I can't find the original thread on this subject. Regards Colin
  5. Finding old kits

    Hi John was that the Nine line kits or the Whitemetal Backwoods kits? One issue with the Backwoods wagons is you could only use one of each body section if you wanted a square kit. I am in the process of designing a couple of C&L resin van body shells for my own layout, I am having some issues with getting the air vents to look right at present. Colin
  6. Finding old kits

    Hi Wrennerie, what ever you decide to do will be the correct decision for you, to be honest you are the first person on this list that I know has any of these kits, I wonder if this will encourage others to step into the daylight with there Backwoods kits, I have a number of their Cavan and Leitrim loco kits to build at some point, but I have always wondered who has brought these kits in the past, I would like to think it has been a lot of you guys on here. Not wishing to put any of you off, but I have been told these Backwoods kits are a bit of a pain to build , so are not for the faint hearted or if you want to rush the building process (hence the reason why I haven't pluck up enough courage to start a build yet). I look forward to hearing from anyone on here who may have a backwoods kit as it has always been difficult to find out just how many have been sold or where these kits have ended up. I am talking to Pete regarding this range, but due to family issues he has had to put the whole Backwoods range on hold, so if I hear anything you guys will be the first to hear about it, I realise that you could never sell hundreds of these kits, but I am keen to see what can be done and what new locos could be produced in 00n3 in the future. Colin
  7. Finding old kits

    I hope you are going to build that lot? if not let me know. Colin
  8. Finding old kits

    I have always like UK light railways, but the pull of the Irish narrow gauge railways has been much stronger and the Donegal in particular.
  9. Finding old kits

    Not sure on the wheel base but the wheels are do able at 10.5mm dia from Markits, might be a problem with axle length.
  10. Finding old kits

    Yes I agree I think the wheels are 2ft 71/2inches dia or 800mm to be correct they are based on the standard O&K 110HP design. But getting the rest of the details will have to wait unless some one has a drawing of them. Had wonder about the old hornby 0-4-0 GWR/Industrial Tank they used to do as a basis.
  11. Finding old kits

    Right had a gathering up of my Irish Standard gauge kits and they are as follows:- 2 S class 4-4-0 Tender locos 1T2 class4-4-2T 1 E class 0-6-0T 1 GNR 20T Brake van kit Plus for some unknown reason a spare GNR Tender kit 2018 will, subject to me having the cash, will see me purchase a few more Irish kits from SSM :- 1 J15 and 1 'Bandon' Tank are both on that list. There are a few others which I will get my hands on a couple of those Bachmann 4-4-2T tanks which some one on here done some wonderful convertions on. I have also forgotten the number of old 4mm scale bogie coaches I have to convert to Irish types well they are the old Farish bogies coaches which will do for now as temporary stand in stock. Then there is the good stock, which I don't have a great deal of at present, but I hope to improve on that side of things next year as well. Colin
  12. Finding old kits

    Oh Mayner I wished you hadn't have posted that link for 4mm Industrial locos, it is one of my true weakness's I also have another link to share http://www.modelrailways.tv/4mm-scale-page1.html This also has industrial steam, I have a feeling there are a couple of other 4mm scale Industrial loco manufactures out there as well, but I don't have a link for them at the moment . I haven't found a kit or a model that looks anything like the pair of locos at Down Patrick any one have a suggestion? Regards Colin
  13. Finding old kits

    You are so right when it comes to heritage and preservation, it is one thing to look at Thomas the Tank as a away to bring in the money but heritage groups also have a a duty of care for the items they hold, I suspect you would have mass apoplexy if some one painted a GWR pannier tank in BR lined blue or some other modern livery such as purple and white, as you say John, it only takes one mistake before some one else thinks that is the correct way of things. While we can't due to various Health and Safety Regulations can't use Red or White Lead in our paints anymore we do need to try even harder to get the correct shade of colour as used on a locomotive during it days while it was working. As an example and I am sure this is not right, recently I was told that the GNR(I) only adopted the Blue livery after some one from the Caledonian Railway decided to move to Ireland with some spare paint, I don't think for one moment that is true, but that is the sort of story which make things so much more difficult for later generations to work out what is historically correct, also I don't think the old CR and the GNR(I) blue are the same shade anyway. As for the your kit Wrennerie I think on one of the other forums ( RM Web???) some one was asking if anyone had one for sale as I am not sure if they are still available. Regards Colin
  14. Finding old kits

    Well just had a great surprise, I was looking for something else and came across two small white boxes, blew the dust off and low and behold some old long lost SSM kits. they are an GNR S class A T2 class loco and a GNR(i) 20 ton Brake van. No wheels or motors for any of the kits, but that is not a problem as they can be got from Branchlines in the UK. I was not sure when I started getting into the Irish Model scene but it appears I got them back in 1989, I wonder if this is record for the longest a kit has not been made up? Colin
  15. Heritage Auctions

    Hi Guys excuse me if I have put this in wrong section, may be the mod could move it if it is, but I came across this on a website auction site http://www.gcrauctions.com/index.html They have a few Irish bits for sale I am not selling any of them by the way just putting this up for anyone's interest. http://www.gcrauctions.com/sale237/lot186.html It is an ex NCC loco number plate http://www.gcrauctions.com/sale237/lot194.html Another item of interest http://www.gcrauctions.com/sale237/lot260.html Regards Colin

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