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  1. Colin R

    Model Rail Magazine No 253 October 2018

    Thanks Noel, that is great stuff. Just found some old model mags going by the name of 'practical model railways' there was an article by a Mr Shane McQuillan on how to build a class 80 DEMU. Just out of interest is Mr McQuillan a member of this forum? Sadly I did not get that many issues of this mag but I would still like to know if I missed anything, plan wise. Colin
  2. Colin R

    New 4mm Irish steam locos kits

    Hi John now sorted deposits will be left for (2) 2-4-0's once I have the details, As for the class 52 I have been told this won't happen until next year at the earliest, and as you say I think there will be others to come. Overlays yes please. Colin
  3. Colin R

    Model Rail Magazine No 253 October 2018

    As an addition to the above, can anyone help me locate some drawings of these coaches? I have a feeling it appeared in a modeling magazine in the late 1970's early 1980's but I can't recall which one. Colin
  4. Colin R

    CIE poster

    Many years ago I saw a poster on a photo from the Cavan and Leitrim Railway, it was very basis as I recall it said something like see Ireland by Train and it had CIE at the bottom of the poster, must have been in the 1950's I guess? Anyone seen any railway posters from that time, it would be good to see what it would look like in colour
  5. Hi Colin

    Send me an e-mail to majral@xtra.co.nz and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the deposit for the 2-4-0. I am not taking deposits on the 4-4-0 at this stage.

    John Mayne

  6. OK I give up (for now) I have been trying to find the links to two new loco kits one MGWR 2-4-0 Tender loco????? and the other a GSR 4-4-0 Tender loco. I have said yes to both, but I need to pay some one a deposit on a couple of them can anyone out there help me find them again, Thanks in advance for any help. Colin
  7. I don't as a rule say much about mags. But I though you guys might be interested in this one as it has an article about converting a Bachmann BR Mk 1 BSK into an Irish Rail Generating Steam Van. I haven't read it yet, but the funny thing is, I have just brought a Bachmann BSK (from eBay) to do exactly the same thing. Also and just as a link, I have also just purchased a couple of USA Tanks (nice tank locos) but the plan is to make them both 21mm gauge (yes I know Ireland never had any, but I can always dream that either the NCC or GNR(i) acquired a couple after the war for shunting around Belfast or out on the Derry Road somewhere and both ended up on the SL&NCR and somehow they both survived to be purchased for preservation. Colin Just found the original thread here
  8. Colin R

    Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway

    Well that looks like the next kit then, I have to also admit that the DX looks the part as well.
  9. Colin R


    Wow that looks very nice John. would you be willing to do some of your overlay etches for other people? Colin
  10. Colin R


    That could be a possibility as the chassis would need to be done to scale. Colin
  11. Colin R

    Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway

    Hi Patrick You need to contact Lytchettmanor models on the following link http://lytchettmanor.co.uk.websitebuilder.prositehosting.co.uk/lytchett-manor/news-archive He does not have the display on the web site at the moment, but if you contact him he will let you know how much the kit will be. Colin
  12. Hi all I have just read that Q Kits used to produce a model of these locos, but since they are no more, I was wondering if anyone had any drawings of the prototype that could be copied for a kit to be made, I am not sure how popular they would be, but given Worsley works do the G611 type I wonder if anyone else (subject to finding the drawings) might be interested in this one as well. Colin
  13. Colin R

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    Hi all, coming back to the MGWR coaches for a moment any one considered them as a 3D prints? or using a Silhouette Cameo cutter to make up the bits in plastikard and then glue them together? Look at the following thread http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/ Colin
  14. Colin R

    Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway

    Should have given this book a look before I asked, but there is a photo on Page 62 of the type of coach I am looking for, but I don't think it is a tri composite, I can only assume that they became another GNR(I) coach group K27? Colin
  15. Hi all. Yet another hare to start running, I have been reading DSM Barries book on the DN&GR, now while the locos are still available from the GEM successors and Worsley work do most of the ex LNWR 6 wheeled coaches, I am at a lost to find anything about the Bogie Composite coaches they used on the Belfast Boat Express. I understand they where 54ft but that does not make any sense as far as the LNWR is concerned since they where only building 50ft coaches at the time so to build something which was longer does not make any sense, so I am wondering if anyone may have that rare photo of these coaches while the DN&GR was still operating. As far as I know there is not a kit for them so it looks like a butcher job on some Ratio coaches. I have had a look on the net but so far have not come across any photos of them. Regards Colin

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