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I once bought a 201 class loco 220 from Marks Models as I had bought quite a bit of stock there over the years, I got it delivered along with the preserved version of B141.


Upon delivery they were contained not in a secure box, but a paper jiffy bag or paper envelope. As a result the locos were damaged, especially the 201 class, one of its noses was completely damaged, and not runnable.


I visited the city centre premises in person to ask for a refund, which I could not get as apparently the order originated from another store outside of the city centre.


After paying almost €300.00 on quite delicate locomotives, I expected more in terms of secure packaging.


I have since ordered all new stock including 141/Mk2D stock from another store who actually provides a very good service and proper packaging.


I hope that in future all orders will be packaged properly.

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I would not like to think this is the attitude of Irish retailers to customers, there's got to be someone who can rectify this situation,

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