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Colin R

Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway Carriage livery


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Hi Guys

I am in the process of adding a few L&LSR coaches to my fleet and I am thinking what livery did they have in the early days.
I have read that it could have been based on the LSWR of salmon pink and a shade of brown, with a dull red on the ends.
I have to admit that sounds very interesting, but I was wondering what are your thoughts on this?
I didn't want to go for either the all over black or grey liveries but something a bit brighter.



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If the all-encompassing GSR loco grey was dull, the LLSR all-grey was worse!

The CDR used all-black for carriages at one time, followed by black with cream upper panels - very funereal.

The LLSR was, I think, cherry red and white rather than salmon pink; perhaps an inspiration to Forbes on the CDR when he introduced their red and CREAM in 1932. I'm not sure of salmon pink - that's more likely to have been recorded (IF it was) from an old withdrawn thing that had faded to that.

I'm away at a family reunion and will check for sure when I get home tomorrow. I'm sure there was another earlier livery too - I'll check.

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