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  2. Some updates from the club last night, somehow it has been almost a year. Lots of tree planting still to come. Signals to be positioned. Fine tuning of track. Back scenes and lighting to be added. And plenty of rolling stock. Oh, the camera crew, and Mr.Wayne and Ms. O'Hara. Overview of the whole layout from end: Overview of the whole layout front: Station Building, not yet fixed in place.
  3. Bit more work done yesterday on the SSM wagons. I am awaiting some bogies for the Barrier wagon, but the Ammonia is moving. Also, added to the scene is a part built SSM 42' flat, of which I have 3 or 4 to build.
  4. Well guys, I'm back!!!! Sort of anyways. House move has been completed, but the decorating list is ever growing. Railway room and work space (20'x14') will have to wait until later this year or next year, so for the time being, I will be endeavoring to complete some projects and build up my rolling stock. In this vein, I got some time to sit last week and begin the build of some wagons. Firstly, SSM Ammonia, followed by a resin barrier wagon acquired from Georgeconna. Bogies, detailing and paint to be added, but its getting there. I'm hoping in the summer months, this workbench will spring into life again, getting through a few of the half done projects and with many more updates, so stay tuned!!
  5. Hi George, I would be interested if still available Regards, Seán
  6. Definitely on my list. Have been thin king of doing a set myself, this will save time and add to the collection faster. Appreciations to all involved from me , not so much from my other half....., more trains!
  7. Hi All, A little update on a few projects in the melting pot at the moment: 1. Enterprise Generating Van 2. Desiro 350 conversion **Taras and No.4 have not been forgotten about. Transfers to be ordered and painting to be completed** 1. BR Mk3 with brass sides for Irish Rail conversion and painted to new Enterprise colours. 2. Desiro 350 Conversion to 8601 DART Original Model Doors removed to recess them as per on 8600 DART Doors reinserted and gap above filled to align door windows more central of the body New cab created to replace original - Still a lot of work on this part to be completed
  8. Hi All, This thread has been quiet for a while with work and family taking precedence over the hobby. Unfortunately, it is going to go cold for a while more, as the shed and layout have to come down for a house move. With not enough space in the new location, with the in-laws, the layout will be in storage for the next while. Only solution to make it possible to save for the deposit to buy our own home. Once our house is bought in next 12-18 months, I have been promised the space to resurrect the layout and get it fully operational again, in a permanent home. So until then, my modelling will be limited to kits and modifications to rolling stock, which can be seen on my workbench from time to time. So for now, Wallacetown will bid you adieu!
  9. Little more work done on a few bits and pieces in the last few weeks. Have been spending a lot of time installing point motors, 28 in all, building and programming Accessory decoders, 7 of these, and designing layout on Hornby eLink. So far 3 points are working and all track is live, controlled from a centrally installed touch screen monitor. In the spare few minutes away from under the layout, the Jeep is progressing. A repaint, transfers, number plate and crew will make it I think.
  10. Hi Paul, I didn't changed the loco at the time. However, it is now on a long list of locos to have detailing added and possible conversion to Irish from its current LMS guise. Regards.
  11. He is trying to be heard over the rest of us..... @Paul, I have completed one before, same version if there is a permanent link to the tender, it was 10+ years ago, so below is from memory. The conversion needs to be carried out in the tender, easiest done with a chip with a wiring loom attached, how i did it. In the tender, feeds from loco end goes to black/red on chip, then orange/grey to the motor in the tender. Remove the capacitor between the motor contacts if there is one still there. Test run to ensure forward is forward, if not reverse wires going to motor. That should be the job done. Hope it helps.
  12. My order arrived yesterday. Delighted to finally have it. Looks nice when all lined up but i haven't assembled yet. Need a cuppa and time to sit and read the instructions. It could be getting quite noisy on railways round the country now.......
  13. Looking good George. Must pick up a ploughvan myself at some stage. One question, what did you do to get the couplings on the flats? I have 3 at home and cannot figure out a nice way to couple them with enough space for Kadees.
  14. Now that Concorde has been delivered to its hanger for display, I could get back to the tasks at hand. One that has been on the list for a while is my Tara Mines, so long in fact the glue on the boxes has given way. Couple of hours have produced the early stages of 7 Tara Mines wagons from 6 Dapol IOAs. Whilst detail, painting and transfers are still required, I found it to be fairly straight forward conversion so far. Hope you enjoy! Fresh out of the box: Bogies and underside detail removed: First cut to shorten: 2nd cut to shorten: 2 end sections remaining: Comparison in length of original and shortened: 6 of the 7 being glued: The 7th wagon is made up of the 6 centre offcuts with some plastic card ends made up. A freebie really. Will post more progress of this project in the next 2 weeks as I get back out to the shed (after the rugby of course)
  15. Hi JHB, Looking back at the D Class, it is something that would benefit with black con rods. Will have to add it to the ever growing list of jobs to get round to.
  16. Hi All, A couple of weeks break from the trains to build a gift for my dad. An 1:144 Revell Concorde kit, assembled, painted and decals all to add to his ever growing collection of model planes. This was a nice change to build and went together quite well with very little filing. Lining transfers were a bit of bother, having to be broken up into numerous pieces to make it manageable, even then would not stay put.
  17. Welcome back after the new year guys! There appears to be quite a bit of modelling going on in the last few weeks, so i thought I would put in my 2 cents worth. Currently on the bench are 2 ongoing conversions from Warley purchases. Hornby LMS 4MT for RPSI No.4 - (inspired by previous conversions seen on here) and Hornby S&DJR 2P for RPSI S Class "Slieve Guillon" - (something different) Progress pictures will follow in a few days once I get the camera back out. There is more on the bench awaiting completion, delayed due to lack of paint supplies etc. Here's to another year of good modelling and many more announcements.
  18. Hi Lads, Spoke to Jason from Rapido over in Warley, deliverys are expected to begin going out in January, fingers crossed. As for the HST announcement, all we could get from him is, "keep your eyes on the webpage".
  19. Hi to all, Hope everyone has their Christmas lists sent off, and have been good to deserve them (but a sack of coal could come in handy for the steam engines) I have been away from the layout for a bit now, work commitments taking over. However, over the Christmas period, I have 30 point motors(SEEP) and 5 Accessory Decoders(MERG) to install to enable the eLink to run all from my PC. Once this lot is in, I will be doing up a proper running video(I haven't been happy with others so far). Best wishes to all for the coming season!
  20. Just spotted this lot on eBay: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Murphy-Models-bachmann-lima-irish-livery-collection-/181879217042?hash=item2a58d89b92
  21. Hi All, I have a couple of older tanker models at home that have seen better days. In an effort to try resurrect them, I got an idea to use them for part of the Weed Spray train. Their chassis are too far gone to save, but tanks could be put on donor flat to make up part of the consist. What I am wondering is, what is the diameter, in full or scale size, of the tanks on the Weed Spray? Many thanks for your help in advance.
  22. Hi All, More updates from the workbench. As promised: NIR 3K, D301 & Restaurant. Extra to that is CIE MK1 and Mk3 DVT. Still a lot more to come in the next few weeks. Working on a running video also, so keep the eyes peeled.
  23. Shed of the Year on Tv last night. Dream City in last 4 of the NORMAL category. Beaten to the post by a floating shed. Hard Luck Roy, was still amazing to see your work. You had mine and my girlfriends votes.
  24. Yes, I can see where the capacitor would come in handy for that. I have all live frog points and am not relying on the blades for contact. A bit of dirt on the contacts now could cause me trouble but i have always kept the Lima contacts as clean as possible. If I notice a decline in the future, I have the option to add the capacitor in any case.
  25. I don't have a capacitor built into the circuit for the lights. I have used the circuitry before and found it woks fine using the Hattons 8 PIN with Harness chips.
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