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  1. I am doing something similar. I am fitting a LIMA 201 with DCC directional lights. Having ripped the motor and gears out, it will be towed/pushed on the end of my Push/Pull rake with motorised MK4 DVT. The newer motor in the DVT, from a Bachmann Voyager, has no problem moving 6 coaches and the dummy 201. It does look quite nice on the end of a rake.
  2. Hi All, Been a while since i have had the time to do any projects. Setting up the layout & shed has taken some of my time, and my daughter has got the rest of it. However, recently with the longer days, I have gotten out to the workshop and got modelling again. Here are my latest exploits: Mk4 DVT from a Pendolino - Still awaiting glazing and grills. Arrow from Class 158 Central DMU - doors and windows moved to get doorways in right place. Grey 071 from Orange/Black 082. IR Intercity from MK2 BR Blue/Grey More to come in the coming weeks! NIR 3000 CIE 4F CIE D301 IE MK3 Intercity and Restaurant...plus more
  3. Hi JM, At a distance the lack of relief is not as noticeable, especially the better the print. What I have done in some instances before is added the print to an uneven surface to give it the effect of not being a wall paper. Or you can add some relief to it yourself by adding down pipes, air con fan units etc. You will be surprised how the eye can be tricked.
  4. Hi Junctionmad, Most of my layout has it on it for walls, footpaths and building fascias. From my experience, a good printer set to high resolution will definitely give a good result. Just be wary of the fact that sometimes your screen resolution might show colours as desired, but print might have a slight different hue. Print a test and adjust as needed. Trial and Error can yield some interesting results.
  5. Hi Burnthebox, A layout can be wired as DCC and operated as DC if only a DC controller is connected to the lines. However, isolating DC locos will not be possible due to the 'always live' aspects of DCC. Vice Versa is also in theory possible but as a DCC loco is isolated on a DC wired layout, you would would loose the lights/sounds etc. A DCC wired layout with a DCC Controller connected would make it all DCC. Once you loco chip is programmed, you are ready to go.
  6. I personally have had no issues. I mailed asking regards postage for O and OO coaches, ordered at different times of the year. Amount was reasonable for each parcel and delivered in a timely fashion with no hassle to Rep. of Ireland.
  7. First bit of running has taken place to check it is all working after travelling to my shed. All looks good, now to begin the computer control and detailing.
  8. Good Luck with your endeavors! Look forward to seeing your progress.
  9. Well guys, been a few weeks but nearly there. Shed is up, insulated, floored & walled, power connected and heater added. Just need to finish the lighting. Layout is in but not running yet, still organizing the space (bikes etc to be removed).
  10. That is the idea, it occurred to me too. Few mods to signage etc and it could be easily adapted. I have enough stock to run either scene. I do hope at some stage to bring it back out into the exhibition scene and show off the full capabilities.
  11. Easier to seek forgiveness than permission. She is being suitably spoiled for Christmas, so I will not be banished to the shed once it is installed. Plenty of updates along the way.
  12. At the October MRSI exhibition in Raheny, UMRC had their layout Wallacetown for sale. I duly snapped it up, and then asked my better half for permission to bring it home, permission granted! A shed has now been ordered for it and this coming January, the layout will go through a transformation. It will become full DCC (track, lights and points) with a lot of detail added to the already existing layout. Below are some pics of the layout as it was at the Raheny show. I hope in the coming year to post up regular updates of my progress in bringing this well admired layout to the next stage. Here is to a successful year, Happy Christmas to all, and plenty of modelling.
  13. One I spotted last night: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/141461658171?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  14. Leinster Models B1A O Gauge http://www.ebay.ie/itm/221545073407?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  15. Amazing work, would love to get my hands on a kit. Have a MK 1 on the workbench just asking for something to be done with it.
  16. Had an outdoor railway for a while before leaving my parents house. Tried a few ways to lay track bed and came across some of the problems already mentioned in the thread. One solution I did find however was pouring concrete beds(at ground level in the flowerbeds) and while still slightly wet, fixing track with pins. Once it had set i filled in between the 2 tracks and outer edges (not in between rails), with Polyfilla and painted white. Never had an issue with heat expansion, and it ran really well. Planning to do the same again when finally buy my own home.
  17. Hi EPBrophy, I find the best way to get the people to stand up is a bit of Bostik on the feet and gluing them down. It also allows for them to be removed a little easier than Superglue would if you decide to change. I had one of these loco myself a few years ago. If I remember correctly it was Joeuf attempt at breaking into the Irish market. It is just a European loco repainted into CIE colours.
  18. Will be there but working hard as usual. Someone will have to keep the trams running on O'Connell Street.
  19. Absolutely great work. Love seeing updates on your layout. Now just to get mine started, the inspiration is flowing.
  20. Many Congratulations to you and your family.
  21. Many congratulations. Hope all are doing well.
  22. Happy New Year to all and may it bring forth many more brilliant models to one and all.
  23. Decided to take the idea for the NIR 450 Castle class and try it for myself. Bean with the Bachmann First Northern 150/1 sets, of which i bought 2 and began looking up the pictures. here are the results of my efforts so far: Also a second livery struck me as being a nice change: Some minor touching up and light weathering to be added. Still work to be done with transfers, on the motor ends creating vents etc and middle cars. Will also be doing something similar with the Bachmann Class 170/2 3-car units.
  24. No video just yet. No layout to run on, just a length of test track. Waiting to fit the decoder first and get to the club to run her. Will post when I do though.
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