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    Started Model Railways when I was 6 years old when Dad got me/him a model railway set for Xmas, I have not stopped enjoying the hobby ever since. My first contact with the hobby was 13 years later with Young’s Model Railway in Fermoy Co Cork. An Aladdin’s cave of models but most of all was his help and assistance plus his layout that was at the back of the garden. I always spent hours there whenever I got the chance. Allot of time passed before I built a shed for the trains plus an outside layout. The shed was 35’ X 18’ and outside was 33 X 15 meters. All OO scale. I was a LMS man for a long time, and then I was introduced to the American railroad and the NMRA. DCC had just arrived over there and it was all the buzz. Purchased a few decoders and installed them (all hard wiring) I started with Lenz and still have them today. Later on sound was introduced and that changed the whole dynamic of Model Railway. Of course it was and still is expensive to convert to DCC but start with one loco and build from there. I always liked the continental models but boy they are expensive. Beautiful and graceful to watch. At the moment I carry out repairs and DCC conversions for 2 model railway retailers on the Island of Ireland. I sell American trains and some continental stuff plus if anyone wants to trade in models for new ones that is welcomed.


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    Model railways, Repairs and DCC


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    The Train Man.

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  1. Good day Dave,

    Do you have a Murphy's 141 IE slightly weathered for sale?

    If so how much?

    Thanking You

    Brendan Curran



      Hi Brendan, long time no see.
      Before the madness I was doing a deal with a lad who was selling some locos
      He has a 177, IE factory weathered, he said it is in as new condition but I have not seen it yet
      When things get a bit more normal I will hopefully put the deal to bed and get back to you
      Reckon it will be around €130 as a lot of his locos are new unrun and he is looking for strong money for them
      Hows things, still buying/selling railway stuff?
      Stay safe man!



      Quick question Bren
      Some time ago I gave Mike Allen a Tamper unit for repair
      He said he would bring it down to you
      I was wondering if you can remember this and if so would you still have the unit
      This would have been just before you left for the UK

    3. Thomas


      Thanks for the reply, That sounds great if you can get the loco I will purchase it from you €130 sounds fair.

      Have taken a back seat on the buying and selling but still repairing modifying locos and coaches. 

      No I have never had a tamper unit for repair.

      Let me know when the deal is done.

      Did they call you up for duty?

      Stay well 

  2. Looking for a Murphy Models MM0182-U Irish Class 141/181 diesel 182 in 2nd CIE black & orange livery, lightly weathered if possible. A client sent this engine and a Hornby railroad Class 21 by post (not registered) to me but the engines were missing. Box was re taped at one end. If anyone is offered these for sale let me know.
  3. A meeting will take place on Saturday the 5th of March 2016, in Horkans Garden Centre, Knockanour, Castlebar, Co Mayo, in The Bay Leaf Café at 11.00 AM. (Sat nave coordinates N53* 53.229' and W009* 11.854')Look for the table with trains!!! No Whingers. If for whatever reason you cannot make the meeting but would be interested in getting involved PM me.
  4. Model Railway Club If you are interested in starting a Model Railway Club in Co Mayo, please contact 087 9128879 and leave a text with your Name and contact phone number.
  5. Spoke to the man in person, no joy.
  6. Looking for a Lima Class 20. What I am realy after is the chassis of one. Thanks.
  7. Brendan Curran "Train Repairs" will have a stand there.
  8. Just a note to let people know that a small railway exhibition will take place in Dungarvan Co Waterford on the 24th and 25th of November. The end of this month. I am aware that other events are clashing with this and the short notice given will not help. This event is a being held in Coole Country Cottage’s, Dungarvan, Co Waterford, 11 am to 5 pm both days. The cottage’s are behind Radley Engineering on the N72. (Follow the signs for Coole Cotages) Titled “An exhibit of Model Railways and Dungarvan Historic Railway”. Saturday and Sunday. All done in a Christmas atmosphere beside a log fire. Tea/coffee available. The purpose of this is to highlight the traditional Irish cottage’s, Dungarvan Historic Railway (Dukes Line) and to try and expand the art of railway modelling. The layouts are distributed through the cottages. There are 4 HO/OO layouts and 1 N scale. There is also a very special G scale train (Digital with sound).
  9. I had to send £12 via a sterling draft about 3 weeks ago and it cost me €19. Also a sound decoder that I got today that cost £120 I expect will cost my around €160 using my credit card. The euro has fallen trough the floor plus the various charges that the bank charge you whatever way you pay for it.
  10. The Midlands Model Railway Club will be hosting a Model Railway and Diecast fair on the 16/09/2012. It will open at 10 am and conclude at 5 pm. Further information will be confirmed at a later stage.
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