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  1. I have been off the sight for about 3 months and am wondering what have i missed?
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RAILWAY-LOCOMOTIVE-NAMEPLATE-BELFAST-CASTLE-1ST-OF-THE-NIR-CLASS-450-TRAINS-/161019555430?pt=UK_Collectables_Railwayana_RL&hash=item257d836e66 any takers
  3. Really beating myself up over not going! But you know, shows to do, girls to flirt with...
  4. Good evening sir. Could you help a fellow, as in telling him were he may find the rather delightful cement silos
  5. It would make my life allot easyer if there was an iOS app...
  6. So in the upcoming weeks I will hopefully post up some stuff I have been working on.
  7. Harp and HAARP, both can "manipulate" the weather
  8. I wanted to set up a thread on conspiricies, like HAARP, for those of us who are mad or indeed more "knowing" than the rest of us, post what ever, but do reasurch HAARP
  9. eBay would be the best, then again I suppose if you look arround you will find stuff
  10. Well i can help with the numbers, their are 18 class 071's numbered 071-088, the numbers in this don't really matter, they are quite a strange looking beast so quite easy to tell them appart from other locomotives. NIR have 3 "class 111's" which are glorifided 071s, numbered 8111-113, again numbers don't matter. And from what wikipedia tells me is that their are 4 in Yugoslavia! Now, as regard the models, heres the cheapest i could find them, the only reason i havent put this up sonner is because im very selfish. http://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/shop/kits_modelling/irish_railways_inc_murphy_models_rtr_kits_transfers/index.php Now please remeber, it is a rich mans hobby!
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