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  1. IT might have - for concrete only.
  2. gph2000


    Just found one unexpectedly where the Kilbeggan branch leaves the Grand Canal at Ballycommon, https://www.google.com/maps/@53.2809482,-7.3688051,3a,75y,88.04h,73.01t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sm01km2Qd-t3v7MZmy-k8sA!2e0!6shttps:%2F%2Fstreetviewpixels-pa.googleapis.com%2Fv1%2Fthumbnail%3Fpanoid%3Dm01km2Qd-t3v7MZmy-k8sA%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D303.05978%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i13312!8i6656 And there is a very good thread here: https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/8645-h-class-vans/#comment-135216
  3. As often as I have gone through the O'Dea collection, I only now noticed that the National Archive is placing Tullamore in Westmeath! Queue snarky letter to Tullamore Tribune.
  4. When my son plays football (favourite position - the bench) I tend to spend at least an hour feretting out local walk. Next up Ferbane. While the Clara Banagher line has largely disappeared, it looks like BNM repurposed a 4 KM stretch (the google streetview car even found it way onto it) from 53.30471050587556, -7.731137740923829 to 53.2845209348109, -7.780790207448966. Access from the R436 at Primo Coach works to the western end. There's also a disused impressive stone arched bridge at 53.268829820716384, -7.818276244239464 - but I havent visited so I cannot vouch for its safety.
  5. I'm cross posting from another forum where a member has had three locos stolen incase they are offered to anyone reading this forum: 1. Hornby dublo. Very rare; 1948-9 Silver label Southern Railways tank loco with 1/2 inch motor. Silver label on rear of bunker: Hornby by Meccano. marked EDL7 in casting underneath. colour dark green (Malachite) Distinctive wear on number plate where it was stored in box. 2. Hornby dublo Rare in this condition. 1948-9 Gold label: Hornby by Meccano. Horseshoe motor LMS tank loco. EDL7 colour: black 3 Hornby dublo, about 1957-9 loco (no tender) Mallard in British Rail green, mazak wheels. casting number EDL 11. If these turn up or have been offered to you, the police crime number Thames Valley 1322 13/7/21
  6. Looks like I'll have mine a little longer too,
  7. I was stunned by how good 21mm looks when I saw pics in Steve an Alan's book.
  8. No idea why the original owner never built it. I suspect that since he had it from new he once intended to. I picked it up about 6 years ago but never got round to it. Moving it on now towards funding a 121 . Ger
  9. gph2000

    The GHCJR

    And from the other end, it got as far as Birr.
  10. gph2000

    The GHCJR

    Not sure how a route like that would ever have amounted to much...
  11. gph2000

    The GHCJR

    I was doing a little digging on the fate of the Kings County Chronicle (Taken over by the Midland Tribune in the mid 1940's) and one of the few online pieces caught my eye. An article from October 29, 1845 mentions the prospectus of the Great Hibernian Central Junction Railway with capital of 2 million pounds. I'd never heard of it before and with that much early capital I'm surprised more did not come of it. Here are some links from Google telling more of the story: http://www.from-ireland.net/the-great-hibernian-central-junction-railway/ http://www.from-ireland.net/hibernian-central-junction-railway-1845/
  12. Great shots, this is probably the best I could do. Stills from video sequences I made off the Luas in either direction.
  13. The building that backed onto Hartcourt St Station on the Adelaide Road side is down for reconstruction. There is a unique photo opportunity of an angle on the station that may not come available again for a very long time.
  14. Another thing that I could do is to approach the curve at 1:46, take it on the level and then continue the next straight at 1:60
  15. A craft knife taped to the boiler was enough to prove the concept. I have ordered some 1mm lead rolls from ebay (Fishing section) for a more permanent solution. I might experiment with metal strip and magnets Dcc Concepts style too for variety.
  16. I've just installed a long 1:60 grade which includes a quarter circle turn. My Bachmann N class is stalling - with wheel spin exiting the curve with a four coach train. The track is temporary so it could be some of the issue. The goal is to haul 5 coaches, and I cant do much better than 1:60 on the slope. Am I asking the impossible?
  17. If I ever get a guinea pig I'll have to get one of these signs - to keep it from being trodden on!
  18. I had forgotten that excellent NIL article.
  19. I see both Silverfox and Worsley Works have the G Class on their sites. One is a two piece resin kit and the other is in brass. Any thoughts on which is the better finished product - assuming time and soldering skills are not an issue?
  20. I'm impressed to see it in Yorkshire too.
  21. Given the performance of the W&KR the fake might be worth more than an original! If I wanted a mocked up sign I would go for something like the GS&WR, the only reason I can think of for choosing an obscure outfit like this is to add authenticity. Although I don't recall seeing it before, historic streetview images have present it in 2010. Were it not for the cross head screws I would have made a case that they might have had a yard in Tullamore to hold goods from the DE Williams brewery before moving them by road, rail or canal to Mountmellick/Portlaoise for rail transit to the port of Waterford.
  22. Just spotted this in a gateway in Tullamore. Looks like the real thing, but the town has no known connection, unless it was placed there for other reasons.
  23. gph2000


    Indeed I have. I stopped to take a look at it, must be five years back. I took a quick look again just now on street view - it looks to be in a different position to when I saw it. I could have sworn it was closer to the Borrisokane end of the field end on to the road. But that could be just me mixing it up with others in the area. There is another in very good condition behind a house in Rochfortbridge, but you would need to be on a bus or in a truck to see it. There used to be one in a field outside Kilbeggan but I think it is gone now. The only other one I know is belonging to the Fryday family in a field between Cadamstown and Ballyboy. Its been there more 30 than years, I left school in '86, and they acquired it while I was in school.
  24. gph2000


    I'm more interested in Birr than Banagher, but very interested in anything that remembers Offaly's lost railways.
  25. gph2000

    RIP Jim Bayle

    Only learned this today. Very sad.
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