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  1. I started drawing the wrong one first it seems....
  2. At the bottom of the email is another link to add to basket for multiple orders, you can do that for each email you get and buy them all together.
  3. Crisis averted, figured it out. Went into my account instead of the pre order page and they were there for me to pay.
  4. Got the coaches stripped, scraped, sanded and primed. Before I go off on my merry way with masking and painting am I right thinking theses had orange roofs when first introduced? I was going to go off the IRM example pictures of their new stuff but I'm not sure which colour roof came first. The brake coaches came with the lot so I figured I'd use them as the test dummies. I'm also already thinking of getting a separate cheap airbrush just for using with primer, the Vallejo stuff is a pain to clean out.
  5. Got one off bartsharp, model 186 and a compressor. They always seemed to be be out of stock so when they had stock I grabbed them. Quite happy with it.
  6. Hello everyone, Been out of the hobby decades, I would have loved to get back into it when I saw the 071s were released but couldn't justify the expense. Now I can and when I happened upon all the pre orders recently I decided to dive back in. I wasn't planning on making a thread yet but I twisted my ankle so I'm stuck on the couch with nothing else to do. All my old stuff is in an attic hundreds of miles away so I got a cheap set so I could test any locos I buy and practice painting and weathering on cheap stuff I don't care about. Started with the wagon, had never used an airbrush before went subtle to start with. Forgot to take pictures of the tank and loco, decided to paint the van like I've seen in some pictures. Added some Railtec decals to it earlier as well. The set: Really enjoyed the whole process, I don't have room for a layout currently but collecting and painting will keep me going. Bought some cheap second hand Lima mk2b coaches to practice masking, decals and mixing shades of orange on. Stripping the paint, priming and starting on that raised line was as far as I got before the ankle incident. Some great threads here with info I'm drawing upon with these. Cheers, J
  7. I did, 141s end of January. Re run of 071s and 201s with some new paint schemes. Can't remember when the coaches are but further on in the year. He mentioned something else in the works but couldn't remember what it was at the time.
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