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  1. hello all has anyone here and knoledge about the abilty to build a gauge 1 irish loco please,,,,,,
  2. hi hello there paul from drogheda here is there any one modeling in g or gauge 1 near me ?????
  3. hello thankyou for your suggestion thats a nice piece of work
  4. HI DAVID thankyou for your reply i dont have room for a fiddle yard,just a loco a few cattle wagons,maybe a cattle dock and perhaps a station platform
  5. Help needed 4X1 Irish shunting layout advice,please has anyone any suggestions on a suitable theme/based on a Irish yard for a small module layout based on mid 70s Irish shunting yard,,,,,,,,,
  6. i have resorted to using insulfrog points as i find they work better with oo gauge and dont short out :
  7. Hi Eoin i was chatting with you in brey yesterday about these lights,,just a Q ,,YOU USED 2.2 K/OHMS FOR THE LEDS,IS THAT STANDARD RESISTORS TO BE USED WITH A DCC CHIP ? PAUL
  8. HELLO ALL,has any one ever attempted to recondition a lima motor ,any advise please
  9. hi all,,,,,is it possible to rebuild a lima a class motor i running crap ,,has anyone tried it please any help out there
  10. hi Eoin i have just seen your total post and the paint colors,,i have a small favour to ask ,would you be willing to sell me two of your metal number boards please as there are some aspects of fine modelling that my eye sight will not let me do affectivley im living in drogheda and a member of the mrsi,,for all i know i probably know you in the real worls lol
  11. hi there im working on a similar conversion although wont be up to your high standard i think,,,,can i ask what final color are you thinking of using paul
  12. hello i would be interested in them to buy as i dont have anything to swap only american HO
  13. 2600 class rail car hello everyone out there ,does anyone have any sound files .or can suggest what sound chip would sound reasonably close to the 2600 rail cars any advice appreciated
  14. hello there i am new to this site and starting to build a small layout,can i ask how you made your turntable please.
  15. hi there cheers for that,did you change the look of the loco itself
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