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JM Design November 2021 update

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There is little new to report this month.

We are currently fulfilling orders for the 1960s and 70s versions of the CIE Brake van and open wagon in etch primer and all three versions of the CIE 4w passenger rated vans.

The majority of the 4w vans are pre-sold with one Luggage and on PO Van kit available at $150nz excluding shipping.


I have finalised the graphics for the ready to run GSR/CIE IRCH Open wagon and 17012-17211 series Covered Wagon, I expect to complete decorated samples of these wagons Jan/February 2022 (Like the Chinese New Year everything in New Zealand shuts down from Christmas until late January)

I have ceased accepting orders for the decorated versions of the grain, open and covered wagon until I am satisfied with the decorated samples of these wagons, in the interim the wagons are available in un-decorated or etched primer finish.

I expect the decorated versions of the models to be available on the website from February 2022 with delivery expected April-May 2022.

The etch primer is intended to protect the model from UV light, highlight excess support material during clean up and provide a key for painting the model, we use an proprietary adhesion promoter to ensure that the etch primer adheres to the resin model.

The business that printed our prototype models has agreed to carry out our production printing, which has reduced the lead time for the manufacture and delivery of undecorated and primed models which should flow through to the manufacture of decorated models. These wagons are printed in a resin with ABS properties in a full size  'bottom up" printer, the resin is resilient less brittle than models printed in conventional modelling or in "tough" resins.


Undecorated Grain Ladder Side


Undecorated grain discharge side.

The wagon is printed in 4 pieces. Ladder, roof, hopper body, one piece chassis including hopper discharge gear, brake gear and NEM coupler mounting brackets. All parts are designed to interlock, the hopper body literally fits into a rebate/socket in the wagon chassis and can be secured in place with super glue or 5min. epoxy during final assembly after painting.


Unpainted GSR/IRCH Standard Open. One piece Body and One piece Chassis assembly as Grain wagon.


17012-17211 series Covered Wagon undecorated or etch primer. Roof, One piece Body, one piece Chassis


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@MaynerThese wagons are coming along very nicely, lots of good detail. I particularly like the photography, a very simple setting that includes the typical (for GSR!) CIE grey stone wall as a background and taken on an overcast Irish day.

I look forward to the next instalment.

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I needed a simple background for displaying the models and had the stone retaining wall in stock from an earlier attempt at a dock/urban layout, I have since highlighted the mortar joints in white which reduces the plastic effect of the Wills materials sheets in the wall.


Short Mail train, with Luggage, PO and H&LV

The majority of the 4w van kits are sold out with a very small number of Luggage & Po Vans available from the Shopify site.



The Luggage Van was painted with Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver aerosol which avoids the 'flake: effect with other brands of metallic aerosol.

The kits include custom SSM transfer packs in red, green and white lettering schemes and OO gauge wheelsets.


PO Van "window side"


Po Van plain side


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