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  1. @mmie353, if your loco has been in storage you might want to check the backs of the wheels and the pickup contact points are clean and not covered in oil. Unlikely they are all affected but you never know until you test. Checking continuity from each wheel to the pcb is the place to start.
  2. Once the container train is on the Alexandra Quay sidings there is a loco release cross over so the loco can change ends and draw the loaded wagons back to North Wall Yard. On the Tara’s I believe the loco is released using the traverser in the unloading shed. The loco then uses the empty wagon line to access Alexandra Road. The length of the sidings limits the maximum numbers of wagons in the Tara train.
  3. You say that the motor biggie is locking. Does this happen on straights or curves or always at the place on your layout? Does it happen when travelling both backwards and forwards? Have you turned the loco over and looked to see if you can see anything that might catch? I have a C class where the glue holding on the bogie sides formed a glue string that acted as a brake and prevented the loco running properly in one direction. As others have said, more information would be useful. You may have to separate the body but as it’s glued on this is not a very simple task. L
  4. Definitely interested. I would purchase one.
  5. Thanks for the detail, lots of frame spacers there. I will follow this build / rebuild with interest. Good to see the Kadee planned in here from the start.
  6. Eoin, I have just read through this thread from the start, very interesting detail on what at first might seem like a straight forward project. I was particularly taken with the section on your notes, it just shows the amount of planning that’s done before you start. Am I correct in thinking that I even saw where you made a jig just to position the hole for the nut on the boiler dome in the correct place? What precision! I’ll shall be following carefully to see how you progress with the authentic side frames with openings, will you be able to maintain enough strength? Your idea with
  7. Beautiful detail on the footbridge. They are an icon of many Irish railway stations.
  8. Another very interesting thread. Have you used Humbrol paint for the red brick? It looks quite light in colour on here, is that what you planned or is it darker in reality? The signal box looks very large for a twelve lever frame. The directors must have been in generous mood the day they signed that one off! Love the interior detail. As others have said your buildings are perfectly constructed and look fabulous, I am sure I’m not the only person on here that is eagerly awaiting your track plan.
  9. Just having another look through your layout threads. The new GWR livery on Shunter’s yard brings it alive and ties all the buildings together. The signal box, fences and station lamp posts look great, lots of detail there. Tim
  10. Cracking video. Can’t wait to see what the models look like in the flesh. Do you know when the BR ones got their green livery? If you manage to produce the model with all pipe work, pumps, brackets, spring hangers etc in full 3D that will make it stand out from the crowd.
  11. The renderings look fabulous. I look forward to seeing the first engineering samples.
  12. There was also a tar/ bitumen unloading facility in the Conniberry sidings in Portlaoise. The Laois County Council tar lorries used to reverse into the building below rail level to be filled. The building still exists. It was certainly used in the 70’s and there were regular fires, presumably from leaking bitumen. Does anyone know how the heating coils were kept warm in traffic or were they only connected in the depots?
  13. TimO

    KMCE's Workbench

    Hi Ken, I don’t know much about the origins of the MCW but is it possible the order was placed in 1856 with one of the constituent companies and the photos were given a later date. I have seen this postulated for other drawings in the HMRS archive. I am very impressed with your cabinetry and your etches. Looking forward to seeing how the ballast wagons turn out.
  14. Fabulous. Are the bridge girders built up in styrene / plastic? The spacing looks spot on and very consistent. The whole scene captures the real one brilliantly. When are you planning to put up the lights on the Christmas Trees!
  15. The position of the New Ross yard crane is not unique. The yard crane in the Portlaoise goods yard at the Conniberry (not sure if spelling is correct) was in a similar position. I presume the location was chosen so that an open wagon could be placed here and if it took all day to load/unload it was not in the way of other wagons being loaded / unloaded in front of the goods shed. Of more concern to me would be doors to the goods shed being located directly in front of the cross over points. Shunting must have been very awkward. Can someone tell me did the two ‘heads hunts’ to the
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