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  1. Thanks. I did not know that the triangulation included the narrowing of the chassis at the bogie connection point. The feature is very obvious in the O’Dea photo that you pointed to showing parcel van 2554.
  2. I have just corrected the link.
  3. Looks like another luggage van in green behind a 121 in original grey followed by coach in b&t but what colour are the next two coaches? Again photo is from O’Dea collection. http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000306735 I also notice the very unusual ‘kink’ in the chassis on these vehicles just over the bogies.
  4. This is a fabulous layout. The bullhead track and large radius turnouts greatly add to the overall impression. It is clearly a long layout. What are the dimensions of the baseboard modules? Secondly your films are great to watch and listen to, which sound decoders and sound files have you used?
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