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7 hours ago, Galteemore said:

Terrific work. You should be well pleased with what you’ve achieved so far! 


6 hours ago, JasonB said:

Progressing nicely. The dreaded light bleed is a scourge for us all, but can always be fixed with a bit of work. Great modelling. 

Thanks lads! Much appreciated! Hopefully more to come soon!

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3 hours ago, murphaph said:

Fabulous. Very atmospheric indeed. I really like it, shades of Dugort Harbour about it. I'm no expert on backsecenes, having never made one but would a blast of matt varnish be an idea to reduce the light reflecting back from the lanterns?

Very kind of you to say, especially comparing it to the wonderful Dugort Harbour! 

1 hour ago, Galteemore said:

An overhead lighting rig, with a wash of light over the backscene, would also mitigate this. 

Yeah, I'm looking into possibilities of dulling the light reflection. My first attempt at a backscene, and truthfully I'm not overly happy with it plenty of bubbles and ripples in it, so I may come back to redo it at some stage or even paint a backscene instead! 


Thanks for the comments lads

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