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Now and again I find myself looking for a decoder function list . I have to browse through various threads looking for some comments in the hope of finding an answer. Would it be possible to set up a dedicated thread entitled DECODER FUNCTION LISTS. This would enable a quick and accurate information base to be available to members. It would also enable me to see if the decoders I use are working as specified by manufacturer and if some functions are "amiss".  If such a thread already exists - mea culpa.  The thread would look something like this:

IRM A CLASS SOUND DECODER .................


MM 121 CLASS SOUND DECODER .................

MM 121 CLASS STANDARD DECODER .....................

MM 201 CLASS SOUND DECODER ...............


Also, some locos have function switches for non-dcc users. A list of models that have these switches and their location would be helpful.

Basically, I would like to be able to enter "DECODER FUNCTION LISTS" in the search bar and go straight to the area I want to see . (How lazy am I?)

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skinner75 - I had a look at the technical section but I cant seem to find the function list for the MM standard non-sound decoder. I know a small note with the functions was included with the model but all my 201s, even though they all have MM decoders, seem to have different opinions on same. 

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