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IE and possible alternative fuel

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Well it seems IE have decided to go down a different route to other railway administrations regarding  converting to a "greener " fuel for their loco fleet. Where as other administrations are investigating hydrogen cell technology the powers in IE have opted to convert the fleet to run on hot air. This initiative has the full backing of the members of Dail Eireann. Yep the members of Dail Eireann are 100% behind this. Seems it will be piped directly from the Dail to storage tanks. The super fuel is guaranteed to be available all year round. The only problem envisaged is getting enough storage capacity

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On a serious note diesel motive power won't be around for much longer, so all those 22k and 201s are going to need replacement power plants post 2030 if climate action demands it. Diesel has gone from 'good cop' back in 2007 to 'spawn of satan' nowadays. Electrification or HFC may be the way forward. But I'm sure IE procurement are weighing the cost benefit of these options against a revitalised turf condensing burner or dail hot air heat pumps. 

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