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Andreas Weniger

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Hello together,
a little tinkering on the side. I have 6 of these trolley cars. They only look plastic to me - not suitable for an Irish branch line....
I rebuilt the first 3.
So they had to suffer. With a knife and files I worked on the edges. In addition, a few scratches. But the most important: The plastic of the lorry was heated with the blowtorch until it became soft, then I bent a little here and there. After that the whole thing was painted with rust color. DONE.
By heating with the flame, the plastic got a rough surface - I like it that way.
Here an picture Clonmacnoise & West Offaly Railway







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Excellent use of the blowtorch. I've seen that truck used on US gondola cars with dents put in them from the inside to simulate where the scrap iron crashed into the car over the years. It's definitely a technique I want to try out some day.

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Expansion of my distillery. The garage wall as background always looked bare. So I planned to build a relief house. By chance I got a cheap PIKO locomotive shed, not quite perfect, especially badly glued. So I could take it apart and build the relief house for my distillery from these parts. The gates of the locomotive shed I "bricked up" with tile glue.

Today I have placed the building.





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