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Other Norfolk liners

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Bóithre Iarainn


Hello all,

I was reading through IRRS Journal 152 (October 2003) lately and I found a report in the News section about a Norfolk liner that had started between Belview and North Esk. With a bit of googling I also found an article in the Irish Times about the new service (https://www.irishtimes.com/news/iarnrod-eireann-heartened-by-freight-contracts-1.365705#:~.). I did some more digging in the IRRS journals and in Journal 149 (October 2002) there is a reference to Norfolk running a liner from Belview to North Wall and back once a week. This seems to have been on its last legs at the time due to Iarnród Éireann’s imminent decision to relocate the North Wall yard.

Can anyone remember either of these liners or has anyone come across anything about them? I had never heard of Norfolk running liners except for Belview-Ballina. I’m particularly interested in the Belview-North Esk train, as this started at a time when IÉ was withdrawing from freight. Given that I’ve heard nothing else about it, I assume it didn’t survive long, but does anyone know exactly how long it ran for and why it ceased?

While I'm at it I may as well ask about the more well-known Norfolk liner from Ballina to Belview. I know this had quite a chequered history but when exactly did it start running for the first time? 


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