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Bord na Mona Railways

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Thanks for that gm171. I'm thinking that a small narrow gauge railway would add another bit of interest to a layout. I love Steve Johnsons model of the BnaM Hunslet loco and the milled peat wagons are class too. I have a heap of n-gauge stuff lying idle, there might be a raid for some parts for a bit of kit bashing over the weekend.

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I think the old TT gauge track (long discontinued?) was 12mm gauge - or more likely, the more modern 00n3. This is 4mm scale, 3ft gauge. 009 track could be used to more or less represent the few 2ft gauge BnM lines. One of those would make an interesting layout - but here's a thought: a large scale version! "G" scale (garden railway = gauge 1) track would allow a large model - a good chunky Wagonmaster on that would be good, and the turf wagons would look huge! It would also be easier to run a train over the runcible uneven wobbly track. Modelling this on 009 or 00n3 scale would require perfectly smooth model track, which would have avery strange look about it! BnM 4-wheeled diesels and turf wagons gliding along smoothly like a French TGV!

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