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Turn Your Deltic Up To 11 With Our DCC Sound Decoders and Speaker Kit

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Turn Your Deltic Up To 11 With Our DCC Sound Decoders and Speaker Kit
Have you bought one of our new DC/DCC ready Deltics and wish you went for the DCC sound version? Are you seeing videos online of the full Napier drone on our factory fitted sound models and fancy a slice of the action?
Well, now you can upgrade for the full Accurathrash experience!
With a sugar cube speaker already installed in your locomotive, you can now order our new "Accurathrash" EM1 type bass reflex speaker, and our full sound project pre-loaded on an ESU Loksound 5 decoder.
So, you can fully retrofit your Deltic and it's all plug and play!
We are also launching a Lokpilot 5 which is completely tailored for our Deltics, so you can access all the lighting an control functions with ease.
Stock is due in approx. 4 weeks time, and once again we offer unbeatable value, with the Loksound 5 sound decoder priced at £100.00, the Accurathrash speaker is £14.95 and our Lokpilot is just £29.50.

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