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short circuit problem lighting aclass

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Lads I'm getting fairly frustrated here, I just had my Aclass lighting working perfectly using a 9v battery directly attached to the motor, but when I tried to run it on a small loop the engine wouldn't budge. It eventually moved when one of the none powered bogie wheels was slightly of the tracks. However this caused the two main bulbs and resisters to blow:((. I don't think its a problem with the lighting wiring as when I detached the lights from the motor the problem persists. The donor is a Lima class 50 not the best runner I know but its all I could get my hands on at the time. Any help would be appreciated.







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If I read you right, the motor of the loco doesn't work, and the lighting is a secondary option problem. It sounds like the wheels on the non powered bogie are wrong way round and it's taking the wrong polarity feed to the motor. Test by attaching a crocodile clip to motor pickup wheel, and one to non-powered bogie wire to see. If it sparks, there's your problem. Richie.

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You could redo with a Hornby deltic chassis which is

a great runner even at slow speeds and only 36stl from

Hattons.I have used one on my a39,but you will need

plenty of weight if you have any inclines on your layout.


I hear ya, however given the bashing my wallet tuck over Christmas and more 071's on the way, that will have to wait!

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