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Flying lesson

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Lets say you are on your way to visit modelbahn in germany

when the pilot and co pilot are suddenly taken sick

the hostess screams can anybody fly a plane ?

while all the other passengers are filling their pants with FARLEYS RUSKS

you take a chance , and up to the cockpit you go

All with a happy ending :-bd


just a rant as uasual but i thought it was a good video

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Excellent - shame she killed the first four plane-loads, though..


Have you tried the excellent flight simulator in Google Earth? Control/Alternate/A will bring it up - very good, especially hammering up and down the Swiss valleys - and you don't even have to shoot at people..

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When I had a proper job, I once returned to the office, having just done a half-million volt test in the open air, with kit similar to that, only to be told that I couldn't use the kettle because it didn't have a safety compliance sticker on it.


I made my tea!

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