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When searching for a word or phrase all I can get are whole threads as answers - and so, I have to start at the first or last post and hunt through. Is there a way to get it to show me the individual post with the relevant phrase in? Some threads are quite long now.


I've had a good look, but just can't see how to do it..

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Can you do that - I've ticked 'Posts' but that means that it just searches 'posts' - it still just gives me whole threads with the search term highlighted somewhere in it...


Is there somewhere to ask it to show results as posts, rather than threads - I just can't see it..

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The at the bottom, pick 'show results as" then toggle to Posts

How do I get that? If I click Advanced Search, I just get -




I thought that I'd seen a 'post' button - but I just find it now..

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Click the link above.



The last toggle is how to show results. Choose posts and bobs yer uncle

Indeed - that link works just right and I've saved it - but I still can't get to that stage from the Forum itself...


I have got to that before, but I just don't see the way there now.


I'm OK now that I've saved that link, but can others search to a post result..?

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