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Mark 1 Suburban Coach Update December 2023

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Our Mark 1 Suburban coaches have generated much interest since we announced them in mid 2022, and it is easy to see why. As well as doing them 'The Accurascale Way' with fully detailed interiors, interior lighting, multiple running numbers per livery and of course, beautiful running characteristics, we have also tooled up all the variations on the 56ft 11' variant, allowing the modeller to built up a prototypical train for the first time using 'Ready-to-Run (RTR) models. 


Production of these coaches has been ongoing, but unfortunately during this process a flaw was discovered on the bodies that had been moulded, with a random pattern of holes appearing. This was due to the moulds not being cleaned sufficiently, with dirt creating these crevices. This was spotted during the painting process.


Unfortunately, we had to reject these bodies and have them remanufactured due to this issue. While it means the finished models that modellers receive will be perfect, it does mean that there has been a delay in production. 


Final assembly is about to get underway, with the corrected bodies finished the injection moulding process and are being painted currently. It was our aim to have these finished ahead of the Chinese New Year break in late January, but this will now not be the case. Instead they will now be delivered in Q2 of 2024. We apologise for this delay, but large holes in the bodies is obviously something we could not tolerate and we have put guidelines into the factory to ensure that this does not occur again.

To pre-order your Mark 1 sub coaches, contact your local stockist, or pre-order direct below!

Pre-Order Your Mark 1 Subs Here!

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