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Lough Swilly talk

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ZOOM only: 18.00 – 20.45 Friday 19 January 2024

“The Lough Swilly” by Joe Begley

Joe gave us a great talk about the County Donegal Railway a couple of years ago – well researched and excellently presented, and considered to have been one of the best talks delivered to the London Area. Come and hear him again on a closely related subject.

The Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway began life as a standard gauge railway connecting Derry to Buncrana but later expanded into the remotest parts of Donegal, areas ravaged by poverty and lacking any notable industrial activity. The Company was in continuous confrontation with the authorities, both in Derry and with the Board of Trade, a particular bone of contention being the Burtonport Extension, The rise of road transport had a crippling effect on the Company’s finances, and led to an early decision to move from rail to road services, leading to complete closure of the railway in 1953. Joe spices up the formal history with many local anecdotes.

ZOOM LINK – any time after 17.30

Open the Zoom app on your device and enter :

Meeting ID: 830 2102 6650

Passcode: 374120

The Chat facility will be available throughout the meeting for comment and (if necessary) communication with the IRRS (London Area). If Zoom fails, watch your Inbox in case we update you on the situation by email

If you e-mail me at


I'll forward the full meeting notice, which should allow you simply to "click" in.

I've seen the content when we had a rehearsal ("It'll be all right on the night") and it looks very interesting, not just the railway but the associated social history.

If you have any affection for the narrow gauge, this is for you

See you there

Leslie (Chairman for the Night, our Leader is skiing)


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1 hour ago, Signal Post said:

What a shame, you missed a great talk. You were even mentioned in dispatches!


4 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

GAHHHHHH!!!!!! Only seeing this NOW!

Good man, SP, JB never thinks we say anything nice about him!

Yes, JB, I'm afraid that you did miss a fine talk by Joe, who really knows his stuff.

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