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62'9'' container wagons

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gm171 kk


Has anyone got any photos of the 62'9'' container wagons now converted into timber wagons in use on container liners? I have bought a couple of the Hornby kfa wagons which are very similar and am trying to decide whether to convert them to timbers or not. They are a very nice wagon as they are and very expensive!

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As I couldn't link this picture by URL to the site. I screen capped it. I hope the owner doesn't mind.


The rake next to the long line of BELL containers are what I am talking about.


That a great photo shows the scale of container traffic once carried by the railway.


The 62'9" wagons seem to have been mainly used on Dublin-Cork, Limerick and Galway Liner trains. The Galway Liner was a Liner Mail with the wagons marshalled behind the passenger rated stock, usually a BR Heating Van, TPO and parcel vans which were piped to run with air braked stock.


These wagons become surplus to requirements as container wagons in the early-mid 90s after a round of "rationalisation" that resulted in the ending of Mails and Sundries Traffic and the concentration of container traffic on a small number of depots.


So probably Supertrain or early IE points logo 071 or pairs of Bo Bos than 201 and electrical plug era haulage.

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There is a video on youtube of the last TPO train and had two 42"7' wagons behind it. It was a documentary about the Dublin/Cork TPO train but the footage may have been taken earlier from another mail train. There is also a video on youtube showing 62"9' wagons in Limerick loaded with containers.

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