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Happenings in North Dublin

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2 days ago, I saw a 29 hauling a 4-car Dart into Malahide. It seems the Dart then set back under its own power into the Quarry Siding while the 29 went on, presumably to Drogheda.

Anyone got any idea what was going on? This was midday.

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22 minutes ago, MOGUL said:

Odd one, are you sure it wasn’t a 29000 hauled DART transfer to Drogheda for wheel turning and it was a different DART that headed into the sidings?

If it was, it was coincidental. Where I live is 20 mins walk from where I can view the Quarry Siding - and as I type this, I'm watching a Dart pass by outside. The train was heading towards Malahide from Dublin. I was about to leave the house anyway to go into Malahide, so i'm getting to the railway bridge about 20m later.

These days, the QS is rarely if ever used for turn-backs; they use the down platform or up platform before they go back into town, depending on whether there's an up non-stop or not. So, I can't actually remember when I last saw anything other than those yellow ballast indigestor / gloopdecisor / sperry leaf sorter things in that siding. So, in terms of timing, when I was walking over the bridge, the timing was about right for a Dart that had passed my window 20 mins earlier being reversed in there. Can't be certain about it, of course, but there ye are; and a northbound Enterprise has just rolled past this second (19:18)....

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