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121s and mk3s in supertrain livery

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I've been searching for pictures of pairs of 121s hauling mk3s in Supertrain livery but they seem to be very rare. Did they haul the mk3s when new? I've seen and have pictures of 141/181s hauling mk3s in all supertrain livery (locos and coaches) but a pair of 121s seems rare. Anybody have any they can share or do you have notes recording such movements?

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Part of the reason they were rarely seen on them was that there were 15 of the class and not all had their air brakes commissioned when the Mk3s entered service. The priority was for the 071s and 141/181s to be made ready to work them as the 141/181s would be regular pilot locos and the fact the 121s would have to be paired to a 121/141/181 to work a train.

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