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Irish Railfans News 1965 (If only I had a time machine)

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Some more editions of IRN published on the RPSI web site July 1965 takes me into more familiar territory The Stones had just released Satisfaction, C233 & 234 just received their Maybach power plants, bulk cement and Shelton traffic started. NET supplied Albatros in New Ross and Gouldings Alexandra Road with raw material (sulphate of ammonia). On the down side The GNR Derry Road closed in February, the Guinness Tramway had just closed and Mallow-Waterford had two more years. http://www.steamtrainsireland.com/IRFN/IRFN1103.pdf. The most striking thing was the UTA were literally giving away its railway assetts £21,000 for 24 steam locos, two diesel railcars and some boilers. Mostly modern GNR locos Us, Vs, SG3 & 4 NCC Moguls................& the Warrenpoint Branch for £30,000. The only consolation was that 207 might just show up on steam powered Belfast-Dublin "Tourist Train", I may not have imagined seeing a big blue steam locos with smoke deflectors crossing the viaduct at Gormanstown as a kid all those years ago:banana:


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