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Moogle's Irish N Gauge

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Hi everyone.


Following on from my Kilnevan layout thread I thought I'd post some pics of some loco's and rolling stock I've made.

Any that I'm still building will be in the workbench thread.


First Up, my J19, No 600:








It started off as a Union Mills LMS 3F, got a new cab and had various other details changed.

I had and still have, no drawings for the J19 and worked solely from two photo's in books.

So may or may not be 'scale' but it looks the part.

And yes, the numbers and snail need to be in pale green!

Currently has a problem with the motor in the tender and needs some tlc.


Next up is my J11, No 207










Started off with an old Graham Farish General Purpose tank.

Made a new cab, smokebox door etc from brass, plastic and model filler.

Photo's show it on the layout and prior to painting.


And some coaches.






These were a pair of old Graham Farish 'generic' LNER teak mainline coaches.

I filled in some windows on the sides working from a photo in the Irish Broad Gauge Coaches book.

Hand painted all the lines, snails etc. Not brilliant but better than repainted MK1's!

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