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Grange Castle's Buildings

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Ok so I've taken the plunge a tried out a kit build. Based on Kevrail's Tesco Ive made a start. I was surprised how easy it was to put together, I have the kit months but was afraid to attempt it, i know this is probably the simplest kit you can get but i kept imagining myself with fingers glued together and pieces stuck in the wrong place but it went smoothly.


today 010.jpg


Still a lot of detailing to be done but its a start :)

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Cheers Bos ! Its a hornby roadside cafe from a few years ago but they are still knocking around if you look hard enough. Got this one on ebay a few months ago. Couple of signs maybe a splash of paint and it could look a lot better. The trolley bay came from a layout that was being dismantled and sold off in pieces.

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About Bloody time. Looking good, I told you it was easy, have you the transfers ok for it. Well done you.


Thanks Kevin, I wouldn't have even attempted it only for you persuading me to try it. Have transfers but sods law, as i went to print them the ink went in the printer so i'll sort that later.


I've also done a Burger King drive thru, not a kit, a bachmann building just made a few transfers for it. And next job is a Hornby fine foods supermarket converted to a SPAR. Gone a bit of a building buzz lately =))

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Right what you need now is the baseboard sorted.


Ah who ya tellin. Always gets put on the long finger :( Theres just so much to do before I can start. If it was just a straight forward room it'd be done already. But hopefully it'll be wired in the next 3-4 weeks so that will be another step closer. Then the insulation, boarding and installation of a couple of velux will be next on the to do list before the baseboards start. But I'm hoping when its done i'll have built up a lot of stock to really get stuck into the layout :banana:

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Hi folks


Its been a while since i was on here. Good news is the baseboard and attic is complete, only took about 3 years but I got there in the end. Not much done layout wise but hopefully it'll kick off soon i'll update along the way, hopefully i'll have something more to show soon but for now here's a spar that i did




spar 2.jpg

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