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Scratch building a 121?

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Good Evening all!


I'd love to be posting in the 'layout' section of the site, as I've finally move from apartment to a house. But dreams v reality has kicked in, and I ain't gonna be building a layout this side of Christmas! :SORRY: Anyways, I will have plenty of time to be adding to my collection of rolling stock, and a big gap in my collection is a 121. I've been plugging away with scratch built plasticard projects and am growing in confidence with each build. So... Contemplating a 121 class.


1. Anyone can provide me with drawings or measurements?

2. Any suggestions for an appropriate chassis?


I've a new workbench area set up for myself and camera is up and running so will post plenty of pics as I go along, and will lean heavily on the collective knowledge of this site.


Thanks in advance!


Dave 182

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The drawings , i think, are not the as built set, so try to compare against photos. The cab height, curve, and number of windows facing forward are different to the drawings. I had a crack at a 121 a few weeks ago. It didnt work out as planned. I'll get you a snap tomorrow showing how not to do it! Best of luck with the move. R.

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