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SLNCR railcar B - wheels & stuff

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David Holman


Am in the early stages of planning to do a model of SLNCR's Railcar B, for my Arigna Town layout.

I have the 4mm scale drawing [can re-scale to 7mm ok] and a range of pictures [colour too], but nothing that shows what type of wheels were used, so am hoping historians out there can help please.

One thing which already stands out is the different wheel sizes on front & rear bogies. AND, they are pretty small too! Indeed, if the drawing is correct, then the unpowered bogie wheels are just 2' 4" in diameter, but the smallest Slaters do is 2' 6"... The drawing suggests only 2' 9" for the driven bogie, again, very small. Slaters do at least have a set at this size, they are 9 spoke, but at the moment I have no idea if Railcar B's were spoked or plain, front or back either.

Certainly looks like it will be an interesting challenge, though I did build a 7mm model of one of the Wagon und Maschinbau 4 wheel railbuses for my BR layout a couple of years ago, so have some ideas about how to make the complex ends. Am expecting problems with the articulation though, not least because want to keep the cap between the trailer and the tractor as small as possible. Have the nice colour pic of one of the Donegal units, minus its trailer, which should help.

Interiors are always a pain too with railcars and DMUs in the larger scales - you have to include all the seats and inside panels because the prototypes were so well glazed. So if anyone knows what colour the seats, floor, inside panels etc were, that too would be much appreciated.

Pic of the W&M below...IMG_1610.jpg

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Thanks jhb. Will have a look.

A further small conundrum is that the drawing by D Malone, above, has the driven bogie wheelbase as 8 ft 6 in, but the label says eight feet only. Am assuming the dimension in the drawing is correct, but await comments. In addition, my print of the drawing suggests the driven wheels are 3' diameter, though the note says 33"...

Given that it looks unlikely I can get 2'4" wheels for the rear bogie, may go with 3' drivers and 2'6" trailers. Let me know folks!

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