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DIY decals

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Hi timmycork


Yes I print my own decals, here are some tips;-


Broithe is right, white is a major problem! I get over it by printing on white decal paper with a border of the models colour your going to stick it on. When printed cut it out with a brand new scalpel within the border, after you have sealed it of course. Sometimes you get a faint white line on the edge of the decal, its the knife chipping off the paint as it cuts, that's why I recommend a new blade


Clear decal paper is no use with my inkjet printer- if the decal is going onto a dark colour background it wont work, the background comes through. Light colours work but it is like the forum link above, you can see the timber colour come through the decal. Inkjet inks are only a dye and not opaque.


Paper is also a problem- the best I have found so far in the model shops is 'Testors' , I have found other papers do not take the ink well, the ink bleeds before it dries.


Also the clear coating can be a problem, I use 'Super Cal' 'Last Step' for this. I tried their paper and the ink bled all over the place.


Make sure when the decal is on you seal the model in the area of the decal with varnish


Hope this helps



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One will be hard pressed to find a white ink cartridge for the standard home printer, there are white cartridges for high end printers and ribbon printers- 'Alps' and the like! but who has a $7,000.00 printer in their bedroom?


To do the white text in Broithe's image I would match the wagon red colour and print it in the background of the decal on white paper. This may take a few goes to match the colour- buy more sheets of paper than you need!



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